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You need a broader solution to health care reform that puts your focus back on competing. Insperity has been solving the complexity, compliance and cost of employment for small and mid-size businesses for more than 28 years.
Through its 12-year partnership with top national health insurance carrier UnitedHealthcare, Insperity provides better benefits, reduced liabilities and improved performance to give your business a competitive edge.
But this opportunity isn't too good to be true. Health care reform has created the perfect storm, and the Insperity® Workforce Optimization® solution is the silver lining.

Full-Service HR

Get access to stress-free payroll and human resources relief while your employees get access to better benefits. Find out how with our Workforce Optimization® full-service HR.

Workforce Optimization

  • Employee Benefits
  • Government Compliance
  • Payroll and HR Administration
  • Employee Training and Development
  • Affordable Health Insurance
  • Dedicated HR Support Team
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By engaging UnitedHealthcare's broker network to promote and co-sell Insperity Workforce Optimization solutions, alongside Insperity's sales team, more employers and individuals will have access to better information and incentives to make better decisions, the information they need to manage their health costs, and the help they need in finding the right care at the right place.

Anthony R. Carr | National VP - Private Equity, PEO & Trusts Division

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