HR solutions

Insperity's powerful range of HR services can improve every aspect of your business.

Full-service HR

A full set of HR services delivered and managed by Insperity’s HR professionals.

  • Access to Fortune 500-level employee benefits
  • Complete payroll and HR administration
  • Government compliance assistance
  • Workers' compensation plan coverage and claim resolution
  • A fully managed 401(k) plan*
  • Personalized HR guidance
  • An integrated HR technology platform

*Additional fees apply.

Payroll and
human capital
management suite

A self-service, human capital management software bundle, plus professional HR support as you need it.

  • Payroll and tax administration
  • Time and attendance
  • Brokered benefits management
  • Online and live HR guidance
  • Employee-related compliance support

Individual solutions

Choose any combination of our stand-alone products and services to strengthen your business.


Insurance services

Protect your business and employees while reducing administrative costs. We’ll help you determine the best insurance solutions for your company, using our experienced insurance professionals and broad network of highly rated carriers.


Recruiting services

Connect with top talent that can transform your business. Our discipline-specific recruiters use their experience and proven strategies to find qualified candidates and help managers make the right hiring decisions.


Employment screening

A slow screening process can prevent you from hiring top candidates. Rely on our accurate, timely information so you can hire the right people the first time.


Time & attendance

Collect, analyze and take control of employee attendance and labor data – all online and in real time. Our web-based system integrates with your payroll and manages schedules, PTO and clock-ins.


Performance management

Engage and empower your workforce through automated performance review technology. This easy-to-use software can help you customize reviews, track and set measurable goals, and encourage employee participation.


Organizational planning

Build a solid organizational chart that helps align your people and business goals. Workforce planning and visualization software captures a database of key employee information.


Expense management

File, approve, reconcile and reimburse expenses automatically. This software streamlines the expense-reporting process while cutting costs, helping to enforce company travel policies and providing better visibility into expenditures.


Bookkeeping & accounting

Get bookkeeping, management accounting and actionable financial intelligence from a dedicated team of U.S.-based accounting professionals, bookkeepers and controllers through our alliance with GrowthForce LLC.