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Celebrating business clients who are making a difference

These organizations enrich the places where their own employees work, live and play – reflecting Insperity’s own corporate mission to help businesses succeed so communities prosper.

Inspiring business, community leadership

For the Community Heroes initiative, Insperity employees nominate worthy companies and organizations internally, based upon our working knowledge of what makes businesses both succeed and enrich communities. In other words, our Community Heroes recipients are true, exemplary models of both business and philanthropic success.

For-profit criteria

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    Entrepreneurial excellence is demonstrated through passion, willingness to learn, openness to possibilities, risk-taking and the ability to get things done

  • money growth

    Job creation

    A successful business supports its community through job creation and growth, contributing to a thriving economy.

  • innovation


    We highlight creative, out-of-the-box thinkers who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty by making useful products or addressing community issues. These action-oriented problem solvers embrace change.

  • people heart

    Community creation

    Insperity employees make all nominations for the Community Heroes program, based upon our deep knowledge of what makes businesses successful and communities prosperous.

Nonprofit criteria

  • innovation


    Stellar nonprofit clients address the challenges head on, seeking to solve problems and build community through grassroots programs and initiatives.

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    Missional impact

    By working with defined goals and measurable objectives when implementing programs and services, these organizations produce clear results.

  • human capital


    In partnering with other nonprofits, businesses and agencies to work toward common goals, these organizations build fruitful, long-term relationships while making a difference daily in the communities they serve.

Hear from our community heroes

“Growing any nonprofit is its own challenge. Growing one with this mission has been extraordinarily difficult, and to be recognized for that courage and that innovation feels really good.”

Jenny Stith
Executive Director of WINGS