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From sports and business to personal life, season 1 focuses on helping people realize their potential when it matters most. Through an array of personal stories, our speakers share how the same tools needed to help athletes excel are just as effective in driving exceptional business performance.

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Episode 12 – Bonus: Selfless exceptionalism in the face of uncertainty, adversity and chaos

April 22, 2020   Season 1  |  Episode 12

Bonus: Selfless exceptionalism in the face of uncertainty, adversity and chaos

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About this episode:

Our speakers record this episode during a turbulent time in our history – a time when so many people are feeling extremely pressured and uncertain. Discover how you can choose to embrace the pressure, influence those around you and face anything that lies ahead.

Episode 11 – A noble heart

March 25, 2020   Season 1  |  Episode 11

A noble heart

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About this episode:

As you pursue your goals, are you doing anything heroic that would help enhance someone’s life? Listen in as our speakers discuss how you can do things with a noble heart and truly make a difference.

Episode 10 – Selfless exceptionalism

March 17, 2020   Season 1  |  Episode 10

Selfless exceptionalism

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About this episode:                                                               

Greatness not only requires you to be exceptional at what you do, but it demands you take others with you as you climb to the top. Join us as our speakers unpack what it means to possesses selfless exceptionalism.

Episode 9 – Mental toughness

March 09, 2020   Season 1  |  Episode 9

Mental toughness

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About this episode:

To stay mentally strong and improve business, you have to embrace pressure, practice for emergencies and envision success. In this episode, discover how making these choices can help you make better business decisions.

Episode 8 – Are you mentally tough?

March 02, 2020   Season 1  |  Episode 8

Are you mentally tough?

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About this episode:

Mental toughness is the ability to handle adversity in the midst of competition. But we’re not born with it – we choose it. In this episode, find out what it takes to develop this skill and lead with confidence.

Episode 7 – Passion is fueled by fun

February 24, 2020   Season 1  |  Episode 7

Passion is fueled by fun

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About this episode:

Having joy in what you do is crucial to business success. Listen in as our speakers explore the last component in the pillar of passion – fun – and how you can truly enjoy your role even when stress is high.

Episode 6 – Accountability + incentive

February 18, 2020   Season 1  |  Episode 6

Accountability + incentive

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About this episode:

Accountability and incentive can drive action and help you reach your goals. In this episode, our speakers take a deep dive into how these factors can ignite your passion and help move you forward.

Episode 5 – Ownership: a passionate pursuit

February 11, 2020   Season 1  |  Episode 5

Ownership: a passionate pursuit

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About this episode:

There are a number of key elements that can fuel your passion: ownership, accountability, incentive and fun. Episode 5 breaks down what it means to be fueled by ownership.

Episode 4 – Passion is the fuel

February 04, 2020   Season 1  |  Episode 4

Passion is the fuel

00:00 / 00:15:17

About this episode:

Passion is the underlying driver in everything we do to prosper. What fuels you to persevere on your journey to success? Listen in as Larry, David and Doug discuss the passion required for elite performance.

Episode 3 – The art of goal setting

January 24, 2020   Season 1  |  Episode 3

The art of goal setting

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About this episode:

Those who aspire to greatness make sure their goals are: specific, tangible, difficult and self-referenced. Find out how our speakers break down the mechanics of setting goals that achieve exceptional performance.

Episode 2 – Can you give more than 100 percent?

January 11, 2020   Season 1  |  Episode 2

Can you give more than 100 percent?

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About this episode:

The greatest predictors of success are a combination of three pillars: focus, passion and mental toughness. In this episode, Larry, Doug and David explore how changing your focus can help change your business and life.

Episode 1 – What is the greatest predictor of success?

January 06, 2020   Season 1  |  Episode 1

What is the greatest predictor of success?

00:00 / 00:15:18

About this episode:

There is a wealth of talent in the world, yet not everyone succeeds at their highest level. Listen in as Larry, Doug and David unlock the three pillars that drive top performance – providing the tools you need to succeed.

Get to know our speakers


Larry Shaffer
Senior Vice President, Marketing and Business Development

Larry Shaffer is the senior vice president of marketing and business development for Insperity. He has more than 27 years’ experience in the HR outsourcing industry, joining Insperity in 1999 as a sales representative. Since then, Larry has filled several roles, including district sales manager; general manager of the Houston service region; vice president of midmarket service operations; senior vice president of strategic business development; and his current position as senior vice president of marketing. While leading strategic business development for Insperity from 2010-2016, he oversaw the Build, Buy and Partner initiative to help the company add multiple business units and expand its portfolio of products and services. Prior to Insperity, Larry worked for STAFCO, an emerging PEO in San Francisco.

Larry is a volunteer for the Prison Entrepreneurship Program and is on the board of trustees with the Star of Hope, a Houston-based non-profit supporting the city’s homeless population. Larry has traveled to Africa five times to provide leadership training to Malawi’s Christian community and local pastors.

Larry earned a bachelor’s degree from Pacific Christian College in Fullerton, California, and has two master’s degrees: a Master of Arts in Christian studies from Luther Rice University in Lithonia, Georgia, and a Master of Business Administration in finance and accounting from Regis University in Denver, Colorado.

Guest speaker

Dr. David Cook
Author, speaker and well-known sports psychologist

Dr. David Cook has spent the past three decades coaching the minds of world and national champions, Olympians, elite performers, Fortune 500 companies, executives and leaders. As an innovative peak performance coach and thought leader, Dr. Cook’s “Mindset of a Champion” keynote inspires and equips performers and leaders in business and sports with cutting-edge principles that lead to championship performances in the midst of adversity, interference and change. His best-selling performance enhancement novel, Seven Days in Utopia, is based on this keynote and was turned into an award- winning movie, starring Academy Awards winners Robert Duvall and Melisa Leo. Dr. Cook served as executive producer and screenwriter.

Dr. Cook has represented the United States at the International Olympic Academy in Greece, served as president of the National Sport Psychology Academy and was recently named a “Top 10 Mental Game Consultant” by Golf Digest magazine. He served as the mental training coach for the San Antonio Spurs for eight seasons, including their first two world championships.

Guest speaker

Doug Tatum
Author, professor, entrepreneur and Chairman of Newport LLC

Doug is chairman of Newport LLC, a national partnership of CEOs and senior executives who advise emerging middle market companies and assist private equity firms to invest in and grow portfolio companies.

He is a member of the teaching faculty at the Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship at Florida State University and is also advisory board chairman for the Business Dynamics Research Consortium at the University of Wisconsin – Extension. In addition, Doug is the former chairman of the board for the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG).

Previously, Doug was chairman and CEO of Tatum LLC, which grew into a highly respected national professional services firm with 30 offices and over 1,000 professionals and employees. The company was sold to Spherion in 2010.

Doug is the managing director of TIP Seed Fund LLC, a newly formed seed stage VC fund with investments and investment rights in a diversified portfolio of companies with unique and proprietary products in the consumer, high-tech and nutraceutical to pharmaceutical marketplaces.

He is also the author of No Man’s Land: Where Growing Companies Fail, a leading text about growth companies that has been translated into several languages and has won four National Best Business Book awards. Doug’s insights about the economy and business have been cited in hundreds of media outlets, including Inc. magazine, The Financial Times, and The New York Times online.

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