About Insperity

Since 1986, Insperity® CEO Paul Sarvadi envisioned making business owners' lives easier by taking HR and administrative burdens off their plates. So he decided to start a company with little more than 600 square feet of space and one telephone. Since then, Insperity has grown as a result of helping clients reach their goals.

Our business model is simple: We're dedicated to helping businesses succeed by taking care of the things that could be distracting you from the bigger picture. We do this by helping you control expenses, minimize risk exposure and maximize your opportunities for revenue generation.

The start
Insperity beginnning
Insperity launched with little more than a 600-square-foot office and two employees.
more Insperity history
Insperity ground breaking
Co-founder Paul Sarvadi’s business idea was a success. Insperity quickly became one of the largest HR outsourcing firms in the country.
Insperity at the NYSE
Sarvadi rang the opening bell at the NYSE when Insperity went public. At this time, Insperity had 1,500 client companies across 44 states.
Insperity spokesman, Arnold Palmer
With golf legend Arnold Palmer as its new spokesman, Insperity grew to 5,000 client companies and topped $1 billion in revenue.
Paul Sarvadi, CEO of Insperity
Paul Sarvadi still leads Insperity today, serving more than 100,000 client companies with more than 2 million employees.

Quick Insperity Facts

Year Established
2016 Revenues
$2.9 Billion


Insperity is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol NSP. The company completed its initial public offering in January 1997.



Insperity serves more than 100,000 businesses with more than 2 million employees. The company has more than 2,700 corporate employees.

60 Offices across the United States

Corporate Headquarters • 19001 Crescent Springs Dr. • Kingwood, Texas 77339-3802

Insperity® Workforce Optimization®

Through our flagship, full-service HR solution, we provide everything you need to grow your business, from large company benefits to payroll processing, while managing employer liability and compliance issues.

  • Employee Benefits
  • Payroll & HR Administration
  • Affordable Health Insurance


  • Government Compliance
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Employee Training & Development

Business Performance Solutions

Insperity provides a wide range of business performance solutions that enable business owners to be more systematic and strategic about the role that people play in the success of a company. Products and services include:

“Everything that Insperity offers our employees is the same thing that a large national company offers its employees.”

Chris Jordan - Insperity testimonial
Chris Jordan — President & Chief Steward
Electro Acoustics, an Insperity client

Giving back to our communities

Our employees receive 12 hours of paid volunteer time each quarter so they can participate in company-sponsored volunteer events or with an organization of their choice. We are so passionate about making a difference in the lives of others that employees recorded more than 62,000 volunteer hours and our philanthropic efforts grossed $3.8 million last year.

Insperity cares about communitiies

Insperity volunteers from the San Antonio office donated non-perishable food items to Stand Up For Kids, an organization dedicated to ending the cycle of youth homelessness.

Insperity cares about communitiies

Each summer, Insperity volunteers deliver teddy bears to Texas Children's Hospital to cheer up kids undergoing treatment.


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