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ONEHOPE Wine – enriching lives
and providing hope


The story

“Do good by drinking great wine. Crafted by an experienced team of passionate winemakers, ONEHOPE Wine is the rare indulgence that delivers exquisite quality along with a meaningful impact in every pour.”

That seems to say it all, and this message is found on every bottle of ONEHOPE Wine. Keep reading the label, and you’ll learn that ONEHOPE California Brut helps feed hungry children. The Cabernet Sauvignon helps fund ABA therapy for children with autism. ONEHOPE Chardonnay helps fund clinical trials to find a cure for breast cancer, and the causes go on, focused in the areas of clean water, eliminating hunger, education and health care.

Donations to all these causes are powered by the ONEHOPE Foundation, a charitable arm of ONEHOPE Wine since 2009 and responsible for close to $6 million in total donations. “Our purpose is to nourish the future,” said Kristen Shroyer, co-founder and executive vice president of foundation and partnerships. “We want to make the world better than it was yesterday and better for our children than what we had.”

A great way of doing that is bringing people together over a good glass of wine that’s also a catalyst for change. ONEHOPE was founded by a group of friends working together for a wine distributor early in their careers. They envisioned a brand that could have a broader impact than just good spirits.

Along with about 100 employees, ONEHOPE has a community of over 6,000 “cause entrepreneurs,” enthusiastic community partners who share ONEHOPE wine, offer hope and fundraise for the foundation’s causes across the country.

“When COVID-19 hit,” said Tom Leahy, president, “we made the decision to shut down our offices before any mandates were issued, except for those employees essential to fulfilling our orders. We were proactive in enacting protocols that kept our employees safe as they came and went.”

ONEHOPE Wine staff

Community impact

The company also provided care packages of wines, sauces, marinades and kitchen essentials along with notes of gratitude to 800 frontline health care workers during the pandemic. Their Mothers in Hospitality Relief Fund provided $60,000 in $100 microgrants to out-of-work hospitality workers.

“It’s not a lot,” Shroyer said, “but enough to help them get by for a bit and maybe buy some groceries. We wanted these people to have a nourishing meal on us. They were the first channel to pick up our wine, and so many of them were out of work and frantically trying to secure unemployment. We wanted to help them get by.”

ONEHOPE connected with Insperity to “help us with significant growth, both in terms of revenue and number of employees,” Leahy said. “We were ready for the next step and wanted someone to help us care for our employees and ensure their needs were met.”

Leahy continued that like-minded people attract like-minded people, and it was soon apparent that ONEHOPE’s values aligned with those of Insperity.

“The way Insperity looks out for the best interests of its clients shows in their verbiage, how they speak to others and in the program like Community Heroes. They’re looking after companies that aren’t necessarily the largest, but the smaller ones and the mid-size as well, the companies that are really driving our economy.”

“The way Insperity looks out for the best interests of its clients shows in their verbiage, how they speak to others and in the program like Community Heroes.”

Tom Leahy

“It’s really nice that our work is being recognized by Insperity by naming us a Community Hero, because our “cause entrepreneurs” are our community, and each of them are heroes within their communities,” Shroyer said. “We’re a family at ONEHOPE, and it feels like every person is part of this honor,” said Leahy. “Our team is really special, and the people who choose to work at ONEHOPE are definitely like-minded with our goal to give back and make a huge impact on our communities.”

“We have an iconic brand in the heart of Napa, in the midst of some other remarkable brands, and we hope that when people hear about ONEHOPE that they think of a great brand that’s also making a tremendous impact on the world.”