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Sarah Grimstead began with Insperity over 22 years ago as an Orientation Representative, where she provided training and onboarding for our small to medium client companies. She then navigated her way through various positions of increasing responsibility into her current role as Regional Vice President of Sales. As an accomplished sales manager Sarah prides herself on developing each member of her team and helping them achieve their business and personal goals. Her unique background in human resources, sales and management allows her to truly connect with both her team and the clients that they serve.

Upskill your workforce and build a future-ready business

In today’s post-pandemic landscape, a company’s path to success depends on the quality, adaptability and resiliency of its people. But how do you cultivate a top-notch workforce ready to meet all the challenges of our modern and dynamic workplace? Upskilling your workforce is an important place to start. When you need additional skills in your...

Training and performance