Sourcing Services

In-depth searches to support your current recruiting efforts

Sourcing Services from Insperity Recruiting Services can identify and connect you with industry-leading talent nationwide while allowing you to control the recruiting and hiring process.

You will receive:

  • A highly skilled sourcing team that uses the latest search techniques and technology
  • Access to sourcing analysts who have well-developed industry connections, networks, user groups, social media networks and an extensive knowledge of Web-search best practices
  • Resources and search methodologies backed by lnsperity's more than 28 years of HR experience

Our Service Packages


Right Here, Right Now Resume Sourcing

Resumes are sourced through our in-house database, online job boards and online resume databases

3 Day Search

  • $620
  • Client receives 5-25 resumes*

5 Day Search

  • $995
  • Client receives 5-45 resumes*

5 Day Search
Nationwide or 2 locations

  • $1,245
  • Client receives 5-65 resumes*

Qualified, Interested Resume Sourcing with Candidate Contact

Talent is sourced through our in-house database, online job boards, on line resume databases, social media websites and cold calling. Candidates are contacted to gauge interest and availability and you receive all available candidate profile information.

10 Day Search*

* The total number of resumes or profiles you receive can vary depending on the position and available talent pool.

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