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On occasion you may wish to have an external copy of your handbook as a Word document or other type. Follow the steps below to export your handbook.

  • Go to Publishing then Export
  • Select the desired Handbook
  • Select your export options (RTF, TXT, HTML, DOCX) and status of policies
  • Select options for policies you want exported (entire handbook, index only, etc…)
  • Select a path to export your handbook to
  • Click on Export

NOTE: When exporting HTML you have to select your HTML style as well.


Many organizations choose to display different information in the heading section of their policies. Follow the steps below to rename or create new section headings.

  • Go to Setup > Handbook Settings
  • Click on desired handbook & select Edit Handbook
  • Click on 2nd tab labeled Section Headings and enter Substitute Name in the right column
  • Select OK to save changes made to Section Headings


Any new policies that you create will use this style in both the Policy Text Editor and when you print the handbook. Existing policies will retain their previous style but will use the new header and footer style when you print the handbook. Follow steps below to apply new format to policies.

  • Go to Setup then select Handbook Settings
  • Next Select Desired Handbook then click on Edit Handbook
  • Under Select Default Format Style – Select the Format Style you want to apply to your handbook
  • Click OK to save the Format Style


NOTE: Only policies created after this change will contain the change(s). Previously created policies are not affected. You can use the print preview function to view the format style you selected. Go to Publishing then Print Handbook and select Preview.


When you create a handbook in Policies Now you must enter an Organization Long Name and Organization Short Name. The Organization Long Name is displayed in the policy header while The Organization Short Name appears in the policy text. If you need to change your company name you must change it in both locations. Follow the steps below to change your company name.

Policy Header

  • Go to Setup then click on Organization Settings
  • Next select Edit Organization and enter the new Organization Long Name and Organization Short Name, then click OK
  • Go to Publishing then Print Handbook. When you select the Print preview option you will see the name has been changed, and how it will appear in your printed handbook

NOTE: The original name will still be displayed on the Policy: Edit pages under Work with Policies. The new name will be displayed under print preview and in the printed handbook.

Policy Body Text

  • Select a policy from the Policy List and click Edit Policy
  • From the Edit menu click Find/Replace
  • Enter your old company short name in the Find what: field; the new company short name in the Replace with: field, and click Replace All
  • Click OK to confirm the replacement
  • Click Save Policy
  • Click Yes to overwrite the existing policy
  • Click Close to exit the policy


Although the application saves your data by default some companies would like the option to have those data files backed up as a precaution. Follow the instructions below to back up your data.

Policies Now 8 allows you to back up your data in the event you have a software or hardware malfunction by storing the physical database files in a different location from the original files. This will allow you to restore your original data in the event something happens to your system or files. By default the SQL database file is located under Program Files (X86) on a 64-bit system.



To obtain the latest version of Policies Now please contact Insperity Customer Service by phone at: 877-222-0499 or by email at: performsmartsales@insperity.com


In some instances you may wish to determine your version number of the product or even review the license agreement. Follow the instructions below to access that information inside the program.

To view your version type, activation code, registered email address or license agreement you will need to select File then About. This feature will also provide you with system information such as your operating system, processor, memory, etc…


Policies Now 8 is only supported as a desktop installation. Unlike prior versions of Policies Now, version 8 utilizes a SQL Express database that requires a standard desktop installation. A license must be purchased for each user and computer where Policies Now is installed.

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