3 tips for crafting better job postings and recruiting stronger candidates

When it comes to taking the next step in their professional lives, you can bet on people being careful with where they take the time to apply. This makes writing effective job postings more important than ever.

Nowadays, you can’t simply list job duties and prerequisites and call it a day.

You’re going to have to sell your company in order to attract the best talent. That means strong messaging that lays out your culture and mission, as well as clear expectations.

Here are three tips to help you do that.

1. Mobile friendly postings

The majority of people, especially millennials, rely on smartphones for their web browsing. This means they’ll likely be reading your job advertisement on their phones.

Therefore, it’s important for your job postings to be mobile friendly. This means you’ll need to use fewer words, shorter paragraphs and clear messaging.

You don’t want your job postings to be too lengthy because candidates aren’t going to read them. Avoid writing your company’s life story.

Often, job searchers bypass all the introductory text and scroll straight to the job description. The shorter that scroll time, the better. If the position sounds interesting, they will jump over to your website to learn more about your company.

Candidates want to know the big details. What industry is your company in? What are the basic prerequisites?

Be sure to make old job postings mobile friendly, too. Even if a job isn’t currently open, update the advertisement so that you’re prepared if an employee leaves.

2. Sell your company’s culture and mission

Historically, candidates had to sell themselves to a company – explain why they’re the best person for the job.

In recent years, there’s been a shift.

Nowadays, candidates expect you to sell them on your company.

As the employer, you’ve got to grab their attention immediately.

If your job posting is too stuffy or formal, candidates will question your company culture. They will read into everything and think about how it might reflect their future work experience should they decide to work for you.

For example, to them, a formally written job advertisement might indicate an unfriendly atmosphere where employees are subject to strict rules and a litany of restrictions.

Selling your company doesn’t end there though.

It’s equally important to have a strong web presence. If you pass first inspection with a brief, engaging job posting, you must be ready for your candidates’ next move – a visit to your website and social media accounts.

If your website looks like it was built in 1998 or your last tweet was posted in 2011, they will probably move on without applying. For many candidates, these are major red flags. If you haven’t put in the resources to have a modern website or update your social channels, candidates may assume you won’t invest in their success either.

3. Effective job titles

Don’t assume the title your company has assigned to the job opening is the best for your job posting.

Your title for the position may not be the same as the industry standard, or it may just be confusing.

Don’t get hung up on the title. Describe what this person does.

For example, let’s say, internally, your company is using “account manager” as the title for your open position. That could be everything from an outside salesperson to a client liaison type role. Your job title needs to convey this distinction by describing what is unique to the position. Having a clear job title that accurately describes your open position will garner the most potential fits to your posting.

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Ronald Cluck

nice article.

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Musungwa Chrispin M.Z

Thank for the inspiring tips which are so helpful in one’s management. I will gladly make use of them.

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You are welcome, Musungwa! So glad you found our tips helpful. Thank you for your comments!

Melissa S. Geiss, aPHR

Thank you for these three helpful tips to recruit stronger candidates. I will keep them in mind the next time I develop a job posting.

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