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Attracting top talent: Finding the best job candidate

What’s in a name, or more importantly, an employer brand? These days, a lot. Your company’s reputation influences more than you think. It can be the drawing force for attracting top talent.

What is an employer brand?

An employer brand refers to the reputation and image your company has in the marketplace. It’s typically what attracts – or repels – potential job candidates.

Your brand’s message should encompass not only the perks you offer employees, but also speak to your company’s values and culture. For example, if collaboration and teamwork are an important part of your culture, your brand needs to convey that.

To prove it, you should highlight ways in which you foster this culture, such as maintaining a casual work environment, organizing team building events and offering on-site amenities like cafés, walking areas or creative meeting rooms.

An employer brand shapes the perception of your company. That’s why it’s important to keep track of what’s being said both online and off.

How you can influence your employer brand

While it can be beneficial to have a strong employer brand, you don’t always have control over your reputation. But there are steps you can take to shape how your brand is perceived so you are in position to attract top talent.

Start by figuring out your core values and pinpoint what your company’s culture is like. It’s also important to consider your competitions’ brands. You want to make sure your brand sets you apart and makes a positive statement your candidates won’t forget.

Why you need an employer brand

Before top-talent candidates agree to work for you, they want to know, “What’s in it for me?” A well-developed employer brand answers this question. In some cases it’s more enticing than competitive compensation or benefits.

If you ignore what people are saying about your company, you allow others to create your brand for you. This can damage your reputation, making it difficult to recruit and retain valuable employees.

Here are a few reasons why you need a well-thought-out employer brand to attract the top talent:

1.   To recruit and retain higher quality candidates

Highly sought-after candidates can afford to be choosy about where they work. A dynamic employer brand can help you get noticed and beat out the competition.

2.   To tell your side of the story

Typically, candidates research a company before applying for a job. Whether they read reviews online or speak to one of your employees, your candidates are going  to dig up information about the employment experience at your company. If you don’t want candidates to base their opinion on naysayers, you need to make your own statement.

3.   To find the best fit

To find the best candidate for the job and your business, you must first know what you’re looking for. A good employment brand should say a lot about your culture and what you value in employees. If you keep it in mind when you screen candidates, it can help ensure you’re picking people who fit your culture as well as the skills and work ethic you’re looking for.

The takeaway

Skilled candidates often have multiple companies vying for their attention. By advertising the advantages your business offers its employees, a well-developed employer brand can help you attract top talent.

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