Human Capital

Human capital consulting tailored to your business

Whether your business is experiencing growing pains or gearing up for a merger, Insperity’s human capital consulting can provide tried-and-true guidance that will set your business up for success.

We offer a wide array of services and support options that can be tailored to fit the unique needs of your business.

Spencer Brown, Dgital Media - Insperity testimonial

I’d never really had any mentors or anybody who could coach me up, and so I worked with an Insperity advisor who really became my chaperone and mentor within the larger company. It made me a better executive and a better leader.

Spencer Brown, CEO & Founder of Cadence13

Day-to-day HR support*

Best for:

Businesses that need proven guidance on common challenges as they arise.

What you get:

HR services and support from experienced professionals who can provide step-by-step guidance on everyday concerns, such as employee relations, government compliance and workforce development.

*Only available through Insperity Workforce Optimization® and Workforce Acceleration solutions.


Project-based consulting

Best for:

Businesses looking to implement proactive strategies so that their workforce can achieve company goals now and in the future.

What you get:

Seasoned consultants who work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to implement strong practices that will pave the way for your business’s growth.

Are your HR policies putting your business at risk?

Receive an in-depth review of your workplace policies from our seasoned consultants. And get a prioritized action plan that can help you avoid costly penalties and litigation.

By-your-side support through every stage
of your business

Whether you’re hiring your first employee or preparing for an acquisition, we’ll help you maximize your people practices to drive long-term prosperity.

Here are some of the projects that consultants can help you with:


Mitigate your risk

Overlooking employment laws and regulations or not following the proper protocol can lead to costly litigation and penalties. Our experienced HR consultants can help you to have the right policies and practices in place to help limit your liability.

  • Assess HR compliance, policies and procedures
  • Provide management training and assistance to control workers' compensation expenses
Performance management

Develop your leadership team

After administering advanced assessments, we’ll help you identify and deliver training that equips your leaders with the skills they need to push your business further.

  • Coach mid-level to executive-level leaders
  • Deliver skill set training in areas targeted for growth
  • Create a succession plan
Organizational planning

Build a thriving company culture

Assess your organizational culture and receive recommendations from our experienced consultants. This includes developing your company's mission, vision and values.

  • Assess and recommend ways to improve your organizational culture
  • Assist in developing and implementing your company’s mission, vision and values
  • Integrate culture change
Business services

Align every level of your organization

Define the strategic direction for your business and get everyone on board. Our experts will provide tools and tactics to help you keep your workforce focused and working toward the same goals.

  • Assess, align and facilitate collaboration among your leadership
  • Get tools, strategies and support to prioritize business goals
  • Design an organizational infrastructure
Performance management

Develop a performance management system

Create a structured approach to measure, track and reward employee performance so that their day-to-day work has a greater impact on your company’s objectives.

  • Design and facilitate implementation of a strategic performance management process
  • Identify and define required employee competencies
  • Create career development plans for your employees
Recruiting services

Develop a customized recruiting strategy

Learn how to attract, hire and manage talent that aligns with your company’s core values. Identify skill requirements and establish a strategic selection process.

  • Develop an end-to-end, strategic recruiting strategy
  • Identify values, attitudes and behaviors candidates must have
  • Develop a precise and targeted interview process
Save money

Develop a competitive wage and salary program

Get a detailed analysis of your current compensation offerings to determine if you lead, lag or match the market. Then, receive guidance on how to establish competitive pay.

  • Analyze compensation across your organization
  • Establish a competitive pay target and incentive compensation structure
  • Design a competitive and attractive pay structure
Human capital consulting

Create an actionable human capital plan

Receive an in-depth review of your current human capital practices and get step-by-step recommendations that you can put in place immediately.

  • Develop your human capital brand
  • Assess your organizational design
  • Measure and track your human resources
Time and attendance

Prepare for a merger or acquisition

Get the tools and guidance you need to make the transition as smooth as possible. This includes help with change management, organizational alignment, culture integration and more.

  • Help facilitate and manage change effectively
  • Align your combined organization, from executive to entry-level
  • Evaluate, design, and implement a cohesive company culture
Ready to learn how Insperity can help your business?

Human capital management tips and best practices

Explore our free webinars and blog posts to get proven HR advice and strategies from our seasoned consultants.

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