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When creating a new job in the program you have the option to access the job library. Follow the steps below to access that information.

  • From the Home tab select Create a New Job Description
  • Click the Descriptions Now Job Library and click next
  • You will be presented with four search options: Title, Category, Industry and Keyword
  • If you choose the Keyword search keep in mind it looks at the Job Title and the Job Summary Statement to match your entry(s)


The export function will allow you to export your job description to a Microsoft Word document (.docx). When exporting you can choose from Active Job Description or Some or All Saved Job Descriptions. Follow steps below to export your job description.

Active Job Description:

  • Open an Existing Job Description.
  • Go to the File menu and select Export
  • Choose Export Active Job Description
  • Give the file a name and select where you want to store the job description then click Save

Some or All Saved Job Descriptions:

  • Go to the File menu and select Export
  • Select Export Some or All saved Job Descriptions
  • Check the box next to the job descriptions that you want to export and click OK
  • Last step is to choose the location where you want to store the job descriptions and click OK


When creating a job description you may wish to add your organization name, heading or company logo. Follow the steps below to add that information.

  • Go into the File Menu and choose Setup
  • From there select Organization Name/Heading
  • In the wizard enter your heading and organization name
  • To add a Logo enter/browse for a full path to an image file (.bmp or .jpg.) containing your organization’s logo
  • Select the Alignment for your organization name, heading and logo (left, center or right)


Although the application has pre-built competency headings your company may wish to have customized headings utilizing different information. Follow the steps below to create a competency heading.

  • Click on the File menu, then select Setup and choose Company Defined Competencies
  • Double click the space to the right of the user defined competency heading you want to edit and click OK
  • If you click on the Customize button to the right of the competency headings you can enter factors and corresponding questions as well.


Many organizations choose to display different information in the form sections of their job description. Follow the steps below to edit the form section of your job description.

  • Click on the Setup menu tab
  • Select Job Sections on the customization toolbar
  • Edit the various sections you want by clicking the Customize button. (You will not be able to edit the original section headings)


Descriptions Now provides an easy way to create & post your job descriptions to the Internet. After you have used this feature to edit a job description, a click of a button connects you to the Internet and allows you to choose from the top Internet job posting services. Follow the steps below to create an employment ad.

  • Open an existing job description
  • Select the Employment Ad Writer under the Home tab
  • Fill in the Company Header and the Respond to information
  • Select Save to save the material entered
  • Click the Post Job information button near the bottom right of the screen to post the job


Descriptions Now 8 is only supported as a desktop installation. Unlike prior versions of Descriptions Now, version 8 utilizes a SQL Express database that requires a standard desktop installation. A license must be purchased for each user and computer where Descriptions Now is installed.


On occasion you may wish to make some changes to a completed job description. Please follow the steps below to edit a completed job description.

  • From the Welcome to Descriptions Now screen choose Open an Existing Job Description
  • Double click the job description you want to edit or click the Open button
  • From the Home tab click the Go to Wizard option
  • When all changes are complete be sure to click the Finish button at the bottom of the page
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