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A journey to financial wellbeing

Take your employee benefits to the next level with the Insperity Perks+™ program. Your team gets the latest in financial wellness resources, including access to one of the nation’s largest discount networks. Give yourself a competitive edge attracting and retaining top talent with Insperity Perks+.

The benefits of Insperity Perks+

Easy banking access

An FDIC-registered bank provides a fee-free account, giving users access to deposits, withdrawals and transfers.

  • Direct deposit of payroll wages
  • Earned wage access
  • No credit check required
  • No maintenance fees, minimum balance fees or penalties

Debit card

Offer your workforce the convenience of the Insperity Perks+ debit card, backed by Visa.

  • Direct deposit of payroll wages
  • Purchase everyday goods and services
  • Mobile wallet integration

Earned wage access

Would your employees like access to their earned wages – before payday? You can make that happen.

  • Employees access a portion of wages they’ve already earned outside of the traditional pay cycle
  • Deducted from employee’s next paycheck
  • Earned wage access with fee-free options
  • No change to employer’s payroll process

Discounts and cash-back rewards

Your employees will have access to one of the nation’s largest discount networks, usually reserved for top-tier employers. Your team can enjoy:

  • Discounts on everyday items such as groceries, dining, movies, etc.
  • Cash-back rewards – not points or virtual money
  • Special promotions and travel rewards for hotels, cruise lines, resorts, attractions and more

Multikrd® is a Financial Technology Company and not an FDIC-insured bank. Checking accounts and Insperity Perks+ Visa® debit cards are provided by Lewis & Clark Bank, Member FDIC. The FDIC’s deposit insurance coverage only protects against the failure of an FDIC-insured depository institution.

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