Outside Recruiters Can Tap Into the Hidden Job Market

An outside recruiter can be your greatest ally when it comes to hiring new employees for your business. Immersed in the job market day after day, a good recruiter is familiar with the pulse of the market and knows the expectations of the top professionals. They can give you valuable insight that you wouldn’t get from another employee or manager within your company.

A thriving professional recruiter has built a whole career around matching job seekers to businesses. It’s that expertise and experience that can help you find highly-qualified candidates outside the normal job posting. Here’s how a professional recruiter can help you tap into the hidden job market.

Know where to look

Your best new employee may not be actively looking for a job right now. Most talented job candidates are usually still employed. Stealing these employees away from their current company requires a heavy focus on networking, says Dan Kilgore, principal of Riviera Advisors Inc. That’s where a professional recruiter might come in handy. Over time, professional recruiters build a large library of contacts, which allows them to create a comprehensive referral network. Their trusted contacts help them connect with individuals who aren’t actively searching for a new job, but may consider if the offer is too good to pass up.

Create a competitive offer

What’s going to make a highly-sought-after job candidates choose your company over the rest? You have to create a competitive offer to attract these types of professionals.

A good recruiter will be familiar the going market salary rates and the expectations of quality candidates in your industry. They will work with you to align your job offer with the market so that your job opening catches the attention of the top performers.

Collect more information from each candidate

Unlike internal employees, outside recruiters don’t have to split their time between recruiting employees and other tasks. Their experience allows them to do a more thorough job of pre-screening candidates. A successful recruiter will know how to read through résumés that are inundated with buzzwords, and identify strong applicants. The recruiter can perform an initial phone interview and ask well-tailored questions that give them a better understanding of the candidate’s character before ever meeting them face-to-face.

Some recruiting services also have access to additional screening services, such as background and reference checks. This allows you to get a well-rounded picture of the candidate before you extend an offer.

Do more than just fill a position

Desperate to fill the position and get back to business, owners and managers often rush into hiring a new employee. Many times it’s the first person whose résumé matches that of the person they’re trying to replace.

A good recruiter will focus more on finding the best person for the job instead of just filling the spot. Unlike you, they have the time to be choosey. They can closely assess each applicant to verify their capabilities to ensure they have what it takes to excel. By using a professional recruiter, you’re less distracted and more focused on running your business efficiently.


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