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[Infographic] Building employee engagement at every level

Employee engagement is the level of enthusiasm and dedication an employee feels toward their work. It’s more than having happy workers and minimizing employee turnover. For engaged employees, the job is far more than just a paycheck. They’re eager to take on responsibilities, carry out their duties and give you their best work.

Before you come up with a plan to improve employee engagement, take a look at your staff. You may see that your employees will fall into one of three categories of engagement:

  1. Engaged – The employee believes in the business, wants to improve their work, is willing to do what it takes to help the organization succeed and is motivated by their leaders. Efficiency and enthusiasm are the hallmark traits of an engaged worker.
  2. Disengaged – The employee does slightly more than the bare minimum, exhibits little passion for their job and sees work as an exchange of time for a steady paycheck. Disengaged workers are often engaged workers who’ve lost their enthusiasm for one reason or another.
  3. Actively disengagedThe employee demonstrates low job satisfaction and makes that known, spreading negativity across the organization and often dragging operational efficiency down with them.

In this infographic, we’ll cover the importance of implementing and employee engagement strategy that supports your new hires in every stage of their career – from newly hired to retired.