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Recruiting isn’t just about filling open positions. It’s about understanding your aspirations so that we can find the right people to help transform your business. We dig deep to learn about your company culture, competitive landscape and ideal candidate. Armed with this information, we develop and execute a recruiting strategy that gets results.

Our record speaks for itself

Backed by more than 25 years of HR experience, Insperity® Recruiting Services is familiar with the pulse of the market and expectations of top professionals. Our recruiters maintain an 85 percent fill ratio and 95 percent retention rate. We average 11 placements per month, as compared to the industry standard of five placements per month.

A better fee structure

Most recruiting firms charge you a percentage—between 20 and 35 percent—of the annual salary for the position you’re trying to fill. Our fees are based on the amount of effort involved to fill your position, not on what you plan to pay your new employee.

We’re so certain we can find the right fit for your company that we don’t collect our final fee until your new hire has been employed for 90 days.

Quality hires don’t just happen

As part of our service, we perform a thorough, competitive analysis, gathering market information about your business, competition and candidates. Our analysis includes the average salary range for your ideal candidates, where your candidates are currently working, the size of your candidate pool and more. This helps us find people who are going to help your business thrive.

Whatever level of assistance you need, we offer a variety of services to help you recruit the best talent, including:

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing – Our team becomes your corporate recruiting department, taking on all your recruiting responsibilities
  • Direct Hire – Our recruiters identify, interview, screen and present the very best candidates for your consideration as you need them
  • Sourcing Services – We help you find hidden, qualified candidates in a cost-effective and efficient manner
  • Consulting  We help you align your organization’s growth objectives with your human capital strategy
  • Technology – Manage your candidate pool and streamline your recruiting process with our cutting-edge applicant tracking system. 

See how Insperity® Recruiting Services helped the Apollo Theater fill a role that requires extremely specific skills.

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