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Insperity complements CFO of Inc. 5000 marketing firm

Taking care of people pointed to Insperity

The CFO of DSM shares how Insperity services complement and serve as an extension of the team.

The Challenge
  • Employee access to better benefits
  • Payroll, employment administration
  • HR-related compliance
  • Training and development courses
  • Assistance with information needed for PPP paperwork
The Solution
  • Insperity® Workforce Optimization® services
The Result
  • Engaged employees
  • Positive impact on the bottom line
  • Increased organizational effectiveness
  • Increased culture of learning
  • Increased confidence through uncertain times

DSM continues to find added value in full-service HR

You don’t make the Inc. 5000 list by sitting on your laurels and remaining satisfied with the status quo. It takes determination and grit and a generous helping of blood, sweat and tears – which is how DSM grew 122.9% in 2019. It’s who they are – they “take risks, push back on bad ideas … take your [clients’] success personally and operate with brutal honesty.”

Equally important to the group of marketing professionals is taking care of their people, a shared value with Insperity and part of what brought them to the company in 2016. Charlene Wingfield, chief financial officer at DSM, explained that the company initially needed to make sure their employees had access to quality benefits, which Insperity was able to provide as part of the Workforce Optimization® solution. DSM then began to see the value in other Workforce Optimization services, from payroll to reports and training courses like anti-harassment and more.

“We didn’t have an employee handbook, and Insperity helped us create one. I also lean on them for HR guidance, and the help with information that we needed for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) paperwork during 2020 was unbelievable,” Wingfield said. “Insperity proved to be responsive, efficient and completely invested in our success. We knew our paperwork was done correctly [because of the information and reports that Insperity provided to us]. The government never questioned it, and we’re on our second round of loan forgiveness.”

Wingfield said that when she had questions during the PPP process, her Business Performance Advisor “hooked me up with the person who could answer them, but beyond that, my voice was heard – and we’re a small company among all of Insperity’s clients.”

“Insperity helps me organize everything, but they don’t replace me.”

Chief Financial Officer

Insperity helps organize and complement C-suite duties

Wingfield tells other CFOs and HR staff who may be hesitant to become Insperity clients because they feel the company’s services would replace them, “that is absolutely not the case. Insperity complements people like me.”

“I’m not trained in HR, but I share those duties with our COO. When issues come up, Insperity makes sure we tick off all the boxes, handle the HR issues correctly and file the right paperwork. There are people to help me across the board, with payroll, for example, but I still input payroll information, I still do the budgeting and the forecasting. Insperity helps me organize everything, but they don’t replace me.”

Wingfield has recommended Insperity to her peers and doesn’t hesitate to do so. “If we didn’t have Insperity as a backstop, there’s no way we could stay on top of all the employer-related forms and compliance issues, because they change every year. Insperity is on top of those changes, and they keep me reminded of what I need to do and the forms and questions that need to be handled.”

“Insperity proved to be responsive, efficient and completely invested in our success.”

Chief Financial Officer

ROI is a budget with no surprises

For DSM, Insperity pays for itself, but the larger benefit for Wingfield is being able to budget for Insperity and know what she’ll spend every month. “I get emails daily from one of your competitors, telling me they charge less per person. Yet when I ask about adding some of the services that Insperity provides us, it’s always another charge, and suddenly that competitor isn’t a great deal.

“When you’re a small company, a PEO is a big budget item. I like that I can budget for it and know what I’ll pay every month, with no hidden fees and no monthly line items where I’ve been charged for ‘extras.’”

Wingfield is especially grateful for services from Insperity “that I don’t even have to think about, like quarterly taxes or providing W-2s. Insperity takes care of it behind the scenes.”

“Without Insperity and the services we receive from them, we’d have to hire a consultant or an HR professional to fill that gap, and we couldn’t afford to do that and still take care of our employees the way that’s important to DSM.”

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