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Corepoint Health’s
legacy of engagement

When selected for recognition through the Community Heroes initiative, the company was known as Corepoint Health®. Today it is part of Lyniate.

The story

When Phil Guy retired from his role as Corepoint Health’s CEO, he left behind big shoes to fill. From 1997 to 2018, Guy, along with founder and CTO Dave Shaver, grew Corepoint Health from a small consultation and tool-making business with a few customers to a robust platform company.

Today Corepoint helps health care providers deliver more effective clinical and operational workflows through data exchange and system interoperability. The company’s customer base is sizeable, with almost 600 clients at some of the largest health systems in the country.

Corepoint Health’s formula for success is simple: It builds great products while delivering great customer service. That approach has paid off. For the past 10 years, KLAS®, health care technology’s premier rating agency, has recognized Corepoint Health as the top integration engine product.

With a two-decade track record of excellence, however, Guy’s departure meant Corepoint Health would have to find a candidate who shared his work ethic and industry experience, as well as his customer and employee-focused mindset.

Enter Sean Cassidy, who took over for Guy as CEO in October 2018.

While Cassidy believes that he and Guy share similar business DNA when it comes to philosophy and ethics, he said he’s humbled by Guy’s (and Shaver’s) entrepreneurial perseverance, focus and discipline. Yet, tasked with leading the company into the future, Cassidy’s also ready to move forward.

Although Corepoint Health is already well positioned as number one in its industry, Cassidy said a new era in health care is hastening a shift in industry focus from digitizing and computerizing health care records to system and ecosystem interoperability. This, he believes, is the company’s sweet spot. Combine that with a strong culture emphasizing customer experience, and Corepoint Health’s potential could be unlimited. In fact, Cassidy believes that an unparalleled company culture will remain the secret sauce in the business’s continued success.

Indeed, as with any world-class company, future prosperity will rely upon sustained commitment from an exceptional, well-qualified team rooted in a culture of excellence. Corepoint Health employees are passionate about customer service and exceeding customer expectations. “We believe that the team achieves together. This is a collaborative enterprise, not a culture built on hero worship,” Cassidy said.

“We believe that the team achieves together.”

Sean Cassidy

A key indicator that a collaborative, collegial mindset is deeply embedded in the company’s culture? Low employee turnover. Most staff members have long tenures. Even in today’s job-hopping career marketplace, Corepoint Health’s new hires sign on intending to stay for the long run. The company is generationally diverse, too. Most employees hired as new college graduates start out in the customer support area, branching out into other areas of interest and skills – sales, production, engineering and account management – as they grow with the company.

Community impact

Meanwhile, just as Guy had done during his own years with the company, employees lend their time and talents to the Dallas-Fort Worth area through personal engagement with local community food banks, churches and service agencies.

Yes, just as he left his mark on Corepoint Health’s origin story, Guy’s personal legacy of quiet, avid volunteerism lives on within the company he helped grow. And that’s a tradition that Cassidy may nurture further moving forward.

“There’s still more we can do as a company to support our community,” Cassidy said. “We look forward to extending the great work our team members do as individuals to the company as a whole.”