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Ranger Steel and the power
of relationships

The story

For over 60 years, Ranger Steel® has endured the ups and downs of business cycles through consistently visionary and entrepreneurial leadership. Not only have they succeeded in an at-times volatile business environment, but they’ve also provided great jobs for hard-working employees through their locations nationwide.

“Ranger Steel provides steel plate for a multitude of industries,” said Courtney Lyons, CFO. Although the oil and gas industry is a primary source of clients, Ranger Steel also serves fabricators, ship builders and mining companies, as well as commercial and industrial construction. The company’s work supports the nation’s infrastructure, while the jobs required to prepare and deliver their goods are among the cornerstones of the modern economy.

At the business’s core is a belief that, while change is constant, personal relationships are essential. They also believe in the power of hiring and training excellent employees while crafting a robust workplace culture.

To that end, Ranger Steel relies upon Insperity’s human resources expertise.

In 2018, when Insperity began to recognize client companies for their community commitment through Community Heroes, corporate leadership turned to Insperity employees to identify especially praise-worthy businesses. And, given that the first honoree would be a Houston company – where Insperity is also headquartered – the selection required careful consideration.

“Community Heroes is a platform we’ve created to recognize our client companies that are doing great things in their communities,” said Michael Lipe, Insperity’s marketing strategy director. “We’re delighted that Ranger Steel is our first honoree, since the company represents best what we intend to recognize through this initiative.”

Community impact

To be selected for recognition through Community Heroes, for-profit client companies must distinguish themselves in four key areas: entrepreneurship, job creation, community impact and innovation.

Yet, what makes Community Heroes stand out from similar professional recognition? It’s the fact that Insperity presents a check for $5,000 to each recipient with a single caveat: The recipient company must, in turn, present the money to the local charity of their choice. This aspect of Community Heroes reflects Insperity’s own mission: To help businesses succeed so communities prosper.

“I’m honored that Ranger Steel was chosen,” said Lyons. “It was unexpected.”

Lyons and her team selected The Women’s Home, a nationally recognized Houston charity dedicated to building communities that strengthen women and support families, to receive Insperity’s $5,000 donation.

In addition, Insperity and Ranger Steel employees teamed up to volunteer at The Women’s Home. “The opportunity for [our employees] to give back to the community has empowered them,” said Lyons, “and further encouraged them to go out and support organizations … near and dear to their own hearts.”

“The opportunity for [our employees] to give back to the community has empowered them and further encouraged them to go out and support organizations … near and dear to their own hearts.”

Courtney Lyons

Then, in a surprise twist illustrating precisely why Insperity chose the company as the first-ever Community Heroes recipient, Ranger Steel matched the gift, expanding the recognition’s value and social impact.

According to The Women’s Home CEO Anna Coffey, donations from Ranger Steel and Insperity “will cover one woman for about six months here at The Women’s Home. This is a great day. It will make a big difference in many of these women’s lives.”