5 Signs You Need Recruiting Help

While you may be the captain of your business, your employees are the sails, pushing you from one great opportunity to another. Hiring a weak or reckless employee can hinder your company’s journey and make work difficult for the whole team.

If you don’t have the time to recruit or you’re considering hiring a recruiting service, you first want to assess how bad your situation really is. Here are a few telltale signs that your current method of recruiting isn’t making the cut.

1.  Dropping the ball

Whether they’re a friend of the family or just a person who charms you, there will come a time when you are persuaded to hire someone for reasons other than his or her job skills. While this may work out in some circumstances, most of the time candidates need to possess a certain skill set to get the job done. If a worker is ill-equipped, he or she will likely be overwhelmed by his or her duties and could repeatedly drop the ball, costing your business its clients and its profits.

2.  Continual co-worker conflicts

Job skills aren’t the only thing you should assess when considering a candidate. Hot-headed or difficult workers are a major hindrance to your other employees. Personality clashes make for a stressful and distracting work environment. Skirmishes and gossip make it hard for employees to focus on their work. If you don’t deal with it immediately, other employees may consider this behavior harassment. And that could lead to a costly game of legal limbo.

3.  Constant turnover

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) claims that replacing an employee can cost a business one-and-one-half times the employee’s annual salary. Whether an employee quits or is fired, a poor retention rate often means you’re not studying your candidates well enough before you hire them. Every failed hire that leaves your company walks away with a portion of your profits.

4.  Too much time spent on performance management

While keeping tabs on performance is one aspect of a manager’s job, you shouldn’t need to babysit employees. Your role as a manager is to hire individuals who can do the job without ongoing oversight. Whether it’s lack of skill, poor behavior or some combination thereof, constantly meeting with workers to address performance issues takes up hours that would otherwise be devoted to running your business.

5.  Falling sales

Although you may be inclined to blame the economy, when it comes to declining sales you could be pointing a finger in the wrong direction. Employees who lack enthusiasm and know-how aren’t going to be convincing when it comes to selling your product. If your sales professionals aren’t knowledgeable about your product or motivated to sell it, how are they going to influence consumers to buy? The only way to find the right sales people is to hire the right sales people.

There is a fine art to recruiting. It’s a painstaking process that requires true diligence — something many business owners don’t have the time for. Knowing how vital it is to their business, more and more companies have started outsourcing their hiring duties to professional HR outsourcing company.

How Your Brand Affects Your Recruiting
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