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Creating opportunities to help

Insperity supports our communities through various campaigns and programs.

Paid volunteer time off

  • Insperity offers our corporate employees 12 hours of paid volunteer time off per quarter along with access to various volunteer activities to help transform the communities where we work and live.

Volunteer opportunities

  • We support a variety of volunteer initiatives nationwide, such as home improvement projects in lower-income neighborhoods, food drives, meal deliveries and more.

Environmental initiative

  • We recognize the importance of the environment and seek to preserve it. Our employees engage in multiple clean-up and restoration projects to enhance the neighborhoods we call home. Our volunteers engage by cleaning up trash in urban and nature areas, planting trees, recycling efforts and more.

Volunteer council

  • The volunteer council fulfills our vision of corporate citizenship at the local level. Employees from each Insperity office organize local volunteer events and help distribute charitable funds into the communities we serve.

Volunteering recognition

  • We recognize employees who go above and beyond in service to their local communities through a variety of ways including recognition through the President’s Volunteer Service Award program.

Board service grants

  • Insperity offers a $1,000 annual grant for employees who serve on the board of a charitable nonprofit organization.

Volunteering pays

  • Insperity offers $250 grants for every 25 hours of volunteer time up to three per employee, per year.

Matching gifts

  • Insperity matches employee donations to eligible organizations up to $5,000 per employee each year.

Taking care of our people

People are the heart of everything we do. We believe and are thankful that the inherent worth of every person elevates the potential of our company.

Insperity sponsors annual merit scholarships for children of its full-time corporate employees and worksite employees through the National Merit Scholarship Program.

Our leaders recognize the value of spending time together while helping others. Insperity teams from across the country reap the benefits of building team cohesion while repairing homes or delivering meals.

By offering our employees various incentives to volunteer, Insperity is promoting a culture of total wellbeing. Studies have shown that volunteering promotes mental health, decreases stress, depression, anxiety and boosts overall health.

Apply for support

Click here for information on our corporate contribution programs and access the online applications.

Corporate responsibility

Access the full Insperity corporate social responsibility reports here.