Online Terms & Conditions

Below are links to the online terms and conditions that are applicable to our solutions. If you are having trouble accessing any of the links provided below, then please ask your primary Insperity contact for assistance.

Client Service Agreement

The following terms and conditions are applicable to our Client Service Agreement for our Professional Employer Organization (PEO) full-service co-employment HR solutions.
If you are a prospective PEO client, please access the applicable online terms by following these links and using the password that you were provided with your Client Service Agreement:

Client Service Agreement Terms & Conditions (updated as of September 6, 2016) →

Specific Terms & Conditions Addressing Applicable Laws (updated as of June 1, 2017) →

If you are a PEO client that has already entered into a Client Service Agreement with us, then you should access the above terms through your account on the Employee Service Center (ESC) at

Master Service Agreement for Business Performance Solutions

If you have entered into a Delivery Order as a customer of any of our non-PEO individual or bundled Business Performance Solutions, then please use the following link to access the Master Terms & Conditions and the Online Additional Terms that are applicable to your Business Performance Solutions Delivery Order:

Master Terms & Online Additional Terms (updated as of February 23, 2017) →
(Changes from prior version are available in our redlined copy , previous versions can be found below)