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The Insperity guide to leadership and management

Want to be a better boss, manager or all-around leader?

Download our free magazine, The Insperity guide to leadership and management, to learn what it means to be a strong leader – one that shares knowledge, skills and thought leadership in meaningful ways.

Discover how to avoid specific leadership mistakes, build trust among your team and develop important leadership skills. Plus, get tips on how to develop future leaders.

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A sneak-peek inside The Insperity guide to leadership and management

This issue provides:

  • Bite-size ideas intended to spark deeper thinking, conversations
  • High-level overviews of the foundational HR principles of leadership and management
  • Playful imagery that informs and educates leaders and team members

Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll learn.

1. Top leadership mistakes that strong leaders avoid

Great leaders know how to build trust, empathy and enthusiasm into their everyday interactions. The Insperity guide to leadership and management provides insights on cultivating this type of environment and avoiding common leadership mistakes, such as:

  1. Micro-management
  2. Unclear and inconsistent expectations
  3. Failure to notice sagging team morale

2. Tips for managing employees with different temperaments

Every team member is unique. Each employee has her own personality, working style, emotional intelligence and strengths. Strong, successful leaders know how to adapt their communications to appeal to individuals. This approach helps minimize staff conflicts and confusion.  When disagreements do arise, savvy leaders are also adept at conflict management.

The Insperity guide to leadership and management delves into strategies for leading your diverse workforce. It encourage leaders to:

  1. Foster open communication
  2. Avoid the temptation to generalize
  3. Focus on performance, not personalities

3. A primer on developing future leaders

Developing future leaders means investing in your team’s personal development and building skills.

The magazine provides key considerations when developing your next company leaders, including:

  • The employee’s internal motivation
  • How they’re mentored and trained
  • Their overall readiness to lead

Key takeaways

Are you a leader that motivates, inspires and positively influences the team? With the help of this magazine, you’ll reflect on your leadership and management style – and find areas where you can grow into a truly exceptional leader.

For example, you’ll learn:

  • Soft skills every leader should have as well as techniques for continuous improvement
  • How to build trust with your team and avoid common leadership mistakes
  • The basic tenets of creating harmony within your workforce
  • How to motivate high performers and develop them into a pipeline of future leaders

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