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The Insperity guide to HR outsourcing

Have you been considering outsourcing your HR?

Download our free magazine, The Insperity guide to HR outsourcing, to learn how a professional employer organization (PEO) works and the advantages it offers, what it means to enter into a co-employment relationship and how to choose the right HR solution for your business.

Discover how PEOs commonly help client companies, weigh your HR outsourcing options and learn which questions to ask a prospective PEO. Plus, take a look at how PEO costs and pricing break down.

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Take a look inside The Insperity guide to HR outsourcing

This issue provides:

  • Conversation-starting ideas and quizzes
  • An easy-to-understand rundown of what you should know about HR outsourcing and the basics of PEOs
  • Engaging game metaphors to illustrate HR concepts

Here is a sneak peek of what you will learn.

1. How a PEO works

Partnering with a PEO doesn’t mean giving up control of your business. The Insperity guide to HR outsourcing provides you with a nuts-and-bolts breakdown of a PEO’s HR solutions, including:

  1. Employee benefits
  2. Payroll and HR administration
  3. HR-related government compliance assistance

2. Benefits of working with a PEO

There are some real advantages to using a PEO to supplement your HR department. Learn about these benefits and more:

  • Enables you to provide access to a better benefits package to employees
  • Assists you with mitigating employment risks
  • Helps you to decrease costs and increase efficiency

3. How to determine your company’s HR needs

It’s not easy to juggle HR tasks along with all of your other business responsibilities. Sometimes, it’s difficult to accurately evaluate your HR needs without some outside perspective. The magazine guides you through the process with though-provoking sections about:

  • HR outsourcing options
  • Business scenarios that may be signs you should consider HR outsourcing
  • What a PEO actually does

Key takeaways

Are you ready to partner with a reputable PEO to lighten your HR load? By using the information and advice in this magazine, you’ll find the solution that can help take your business to the next level – and beyond.

For example, you’ll learn:

  • The rules of the game when working with a PEO
  • How to reduce your chances of going out of business by seeking out the support of HR outsourcing resources
  • What to look for in a PEO or CPEO, including costs, pricing and best practices

Don’t wait. Get your free issue of The Insperity guide to HR outsourcing now.