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A buyer’s checklist: How to compare professional employer organizations (PEOs)

What really counts in a professional employer organization (PEO)?

Does the PEO have the expertise and finesse to handle your biggest HR challenges? Will it ensure your payroll gets processed properly? Can it provide you with access to a competitive benefits package for your employees? Does it offer programs to help keep your employees proficient and engaged in your company’s mission?

When you decide to outsource all or part of your HR tasks to a PEO, you’re seeking a trusted advisor to help you strengthen and streamline your business. That’s why it’s a decision that shouldn’t be made haphazardly.

Access this comprehensive, yet concise, e-book to help evaluate any PEO you’re considering from top to bottom.

In this e-book, you’ll learn:

  • How to compare PEOs by services offered, pricing structure and more
  • How to perform a thorough PEO background check
  • Questions to ask to make sure your organization gets the best ROI
  • An easy-to-follow process for determining whether a PEO aligns with your unique business goals

Ensure you have the facts before you sign with a PEO. Access your e-book today.