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HR outsourcing helps this small business grow with confidence


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LicenseLogix counts on Insperity to help them stay compliant and attract top talent

When LicenseLogix LLC, a legal services company that streamlines business licensing, was looking for a PEO solution to help manage their compliance issues and navigate growth, they turned to Insperity.

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The Challenge
  • Multi-state employment compliance
  • Navigate growth
  • Attract and retain top talent
The Solution
  • Outsourcing its human resources burden to Insperity
The Result
  • Competitive benefits
  • Improved HR-related processes
  • Access to employee learning and development programs

The company

Every company needs business licensing, but processes can be complicated and time consuming. So, organizations across the country turn to LicenseLogix, a company that helps businesses easily obtain and maintain proper licensing and permits.

Likewise, every company needs HR solutions, but these, too, are complicated, time consuming and fraught with compliance risks. So, LicenseLogix outsources its HR-related tasks to Insperity, a comprehensive HR services provider that serves more than 100,000 businesses nationwide.

LicenseLogix can focus on supporting its customers and growing its business because they have confidence their HR needs are being thoroughly managed by Insperity. This strategy has helped the company land a spot on the Inc. 5000 list for the last three consecutive years. Not only does Insperity handle day-to-day HR-related tasks like payroll and providing employee access to Fortune 500-level benefits, it also acts as a strategic partner, providing guidance on employee matters, training, development, recruitment and retention strategies.

The value of a third party

As CEO of a leading provider of outsourced business licensing services, David Yount understands the business case for outsourcing. From the start, he knew he would outsource payroll. But as the company grew, so did his HR needs. He chose Insperity over other payroll services and professional employer organizations (PEOs) because of the integrated support Insperity offers, as well as the level of support they provide.

In addition to managing HR essentials, like payroll, Insperity helps triage difficult work situations. Yount explains the occasional “sticky situation” is an inevitable part of running a business. The worst thing you can do is shy away from uncomfortable issues. You must face them head-on to create a productive, positive work environment for your employees, and to protect your business from unnecessary liabilities.

Shannon Kelly, LicenseLogix vice president of research and compliance, feels more confident making decisions and handling employee-related matters knowing she is backed by Insperity. What may be uncharted territory for a small business is familiar ground for a leading PEO, she explains. Employees also appreciate knowing their needs will be handled professionally.

“I think employees feel more comfortable going to an outside partner, rather than an internal management contact, to address employee concerns. Luckily, that doesn’t happen very often, but Insperity is there if we need them,” she explains.

“Leveraging the expertise of Insperity made total sense, and it made us a stronger company immediately.”

Founder & CEO,
LicenseLogix LLC

The benefits of training

When evaluating PEO partners, access to on-demand and live training for employees and management was important to Yount. “I knew I couldn’t do all the training myself, nor do I have the knowledge to do many of the types of training we were looking into,” he explains.

Insperity’s training and development offerings include more than 3,000 online courses; live, virtual training sessions; and in-person leadership development programs. These offerings give employees the skills they need to do their jobs and to create long-lasting customer relationships.

The battle for talent

A PEO relationship can set you apart from other businesses as you compete for talent in today’s tight labor market. By partnering with Insperity, LicenseLogix employees have access to a competitive benefits package. “I think this helps us stand out, especially in this economy where employees have a lot of options,” explains Kelly.

Kelly adds that prospects and employees value the Insperity® MarketPlace™, which provides discounts and exclusive offers from 30,000 retailers. “It is useful to have another perk to sell during the interview process,” she says.

Yount continually seeks input from Insperity to be sure they are staying on top of hiring and benefits trends. He also reaches out when considering a new location. Last year, LicenseLogix opened a new office in California. It gave Yount peace of mind to know Insperity would handle all of California’s employer obligations.

Like business licensing, HR is a non-optional aspect of running a successful company. But business owners do have a say in how they handle HR processes and programs. For LicenseLogix, it was a no-brainer: Support its plans for growth by outsourcing many of its HR-related tasks to a PEO with a proven history of exceptional HR services.

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