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Let’s Eat, Grandma counts on Insperity to help them grow in tough times

Workforce Acceleration™ services just what this resume writing company needed

This small resume writing company grew from two employees to 10 in less than one year. Read how Insperity’s Workforce Acceleration™ services helped them accomplish this.

The Challenge
  • Payroll services for rapid scale
  • Standardizing recruiting, time and attendance processes
  • Classification of employees
The Solution
  • Insperity Workforce Acceleration™ services
The Result
  • Positive impact on bottom line
  • Increased organizational effectiveness
  • Lower turnover, employees aligned with company goals

Small company makes full use of the Insperity® Workforce Acceleration™ solution

Matt Villanueva knew his fledgling resume writing company could use some HR help, but he was unfamiliar with Insperity until he wandered into a lunch and learn about HR administration hosted by Insperity in his office building.

Let’s Eat, Grandma – and yes, the company name is a play on words to emphasize the importance of punctuation – was experiencing rapid expansion of its employee base. “Payroll was our number one need,” Villanueva said.

An Insperity® Business Performance Advisor helped Villanueva determine the best Insperity HR solution for his company. “For a small, scrappy team like us, the Insperity Workforce Acceleration™ solution made the most sense, and we’re really happy with Insperity overall,” Villanueva said. He credits Insperity for enabling the growth of Let’s Eat, Grandma over the past year (from two to 10 full-time employees), “and we couldn’t have done that without them.”

“We couldn’t do without them (Insperity).”

President of Operations
Let’s Eat, Grandma

Software and service combine for feature-rich offering

Just a year into the relationship, Villanueva was already one of Insperity’s biggest cheerleaders. The HR resource center is his go-to for all things HR. The cloud-based platform provides best-practice guidance on HR, pay practices, benefits administration and tax administration with a service component that sets it apart in the marketplace.

The cloud-based platform provides around-the-clock access to HR guidance, reporting and performance analytics, supported by a team of HR professionals who provide clients with tools and resources to help them develop an infrastructure to accelerate success.

When Villanueva had questions around 1099 and W-2 workers, prompt response and guidance from the HR resource center support team, including telephone consultations, provided timely answers the company needed.

Help to produce an employee handbook resulted in a piece “that was perfect for our needs,” Villanueva said. “The consultant was thorough, knowledgeable about my questions and extremely prompt in follow-up for things I requested after the consult. Overall, I love this service and your HR team.”

Commitment to people increases value of services

In addition to payroll (“I have no interest in cutting checks or dealing with taxes,” Villanueva said) and time and attendance tracking, Villanueva cites HR guidance, newsletters and webinars produced by Insperity, reporting services and documentation of employee information as high value return from Workforce Acceleration services.

More important to him, however, is the value that Insperity places on people – its own and its clients. “Insperity’s biggest competitive advantage truly is their people. Our people fuel our vision, and they make this company the company that it is. The same is true for Insperity.” Similarly shared values and culture between Let’s Eat, Grandma and Insperity help the relationship thrive.

“Everyone I’ve met and worked with at Insperity has helped build a relationship with Let’s Eat, Grandma and shown us that they’re committed to making this relationship work. They’ve shown me that their people have the experience to support us and that they can and will do the work.

“And Insperity’s prices are competitive, so why would we consider going anywhere else? It’s just not worth the time and energy.” And as Let’s Eat, Grandma continues to grow? Villanueva says he believes the Workforce Acceleration services will scale with his needs, but if not, “I’d definitely stay with Insperity and move into their Insperity® Workforce Optimization® solution, their full-service HR offering.”

“Overall, I love this service and your HR team.”

President of Operations
Let’s Eat, Grandma

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