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Find clarity in a world of uncertainty

Insperity is proud to be endorsed by ACG as the preferred human resources solution for middle market companies. It’s our goal to help organizations find a way to make their people strategy benefit their business strategy.

Insperity’s scalable HR and compliance infrastructure adds value and helps reduce risks across the middle market investment cycle.

“As private companies expand, they need more than a platform or standard service, they need a partner. Insperity is a proven PEO solution for our members and the companies that they invest in. They offer expertise and efficiencies to middle market companies to help drive growth.”

Tom Bohn
CEO and President

Looking for a better ROI?

Help minimize HR risks and maximize your investment with the Insperity® Capital Growth Program, where human capital meets private capital.™

  • work team

    HR infrastructure

    Integrate your human capital management into one platform while gaining more accurate workforce insights and forecasting.

  • insurance services

    Minimize risks

    See greater clarity in your human capital costs, and get help mitigating risks related to HR compliance and employer liability.

  • money 2

    Maximize ROI

    Improve the success potential of your portfolio companies by focusing on the HR element. A solid HR infrastructure could make companies more attractive in an equity/stock sale.

Who can benefit from Insperity’s services?

  • Private equity groups
  •  Advisors
  •  Lenders
  •  Strategic acquirers
  •  M&A intermediaries
  •  C-level executives at growing companies

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Connect human
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HR solutions to
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HR solutions for
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(150-5,000 employees)

Insight and solutions to help you grow and thrive

Mergers and acquisitions involve multiple moving parts. Learn how to navigate successfully, gain knowledge and move business forward through valuable conversations with ACG and Insperity leaders.


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The pandemic has changed the way we do deals. Yet, fundamentals never go away. See how the people side of the deal remains a key element in today’s environment.


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ACG + Insperity: Making the M&A integration process more efficient (Part 2)

Learn how Insperity plugs in during the post-acquisition integration period, as well as the benefits a PEO can provide particularly during disruptive times.


ACG + Insperity: Top misperceptions about PEOs

All PEOs are not created equally. Explore how services and solutions vary from PEO to PEO.

Thinking about outsourcing your HR?

Download our free magazine, The Insperity Guide to HR Outsourcing (PE Edition), to learn how a professional employer organization (PEO) works, boost the efficiency of your people and continue business growth.

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