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Omni2Max connects for the greater good

The story

Allen Maxwell, president and CEO of Omni2Max, has always considered himself to be a “natural connector.” Where some people see challenges and adversity, he sees opportunities to bring businesses and communities together to create a better world.

Maxwell got his start in the military, where he quickly moved up the ranks. After the military, he became a senior civil servant in the federal government. “While I was there, I connected major commands together to solve real-world problems,” he said. About 15 years ago, Maxwell came to the realization that he could better support the federal government as a contractor rather than a civil servant. After starting several niche consulting businesses for companies looking to do business with the government, Maxwell decided to focus his efforts into just one–– Omni2Max.

Omni2Max is a professional services provider that specializes in defense contracting.

“We’d like to think that we’re a solutions provider,” Maxwell said. “We work in cybersecurity, program management, logistics, engineering and systems engineering.” Out of those core competencies, cybersecurity is their biggest focus.

Omni2Max is based in the San Diego, California-area, and it services clients nationwide and has worked in many important areas. “We’re working on aircrafts up at Tinker Air Force Base, at NCIS doing forensics analysis, doing cybersecurity on Aegis cruisers, and creating shipboard bridge solutions onboard naval vessels out of Philadelphia,” Maxwell said.

At a previous company, Maxwell appreciated the “mom-and-pop mentality” they had. Maxwell has kept the three basic tenets from that company as he grows Omni2Max: God, country and family.

“It was all about the people and I really enjoyed that,” he said. “It was one of those things where I said, if I ever start my own company, I want to be like this.”

So, when he was looking for help hiring and retaining employees, and providing them with HR support, he sought out a professional employer organization (PEO) with a similar employee-centered culture, values, honesty and integrity. Maxwell found that in Insperity.

“I was a brand-new company that had nothing,” Maxwell said. “I needed to figure out how to hire and retain people, and I had to compete with the larger companies that were established and had nice benefit packages.” With Insperity, the playing field has been leveled, he said.

Community impact

People are the most valuable asset a company can have, in Maxwell’s opinion, and he believes in his people. Family comes first at Omni2Max. Maxwell is a servant leader who gives his employees the resources and support they need to do their jobs and take care of their families.

Maxwell also believes in the power of community. He knows what it’s like to have to work from the ground up. His parents were hardworking and taught him the meaning of using the resources they had and putting in the effort to get the results. But it was the military that fully shaped his mentality and, in his words, “set him straight.”

It was through these experiences that he learned how to overcome tough circumstances and how he could help others in similar situations. He knows that by focusing on what matters and working hard, people can achieve just about anything they put their minds to.

Maxwell was “very surprised” when he found out that he and Omni2Max were being named an Insperity Community Hero, but very honored; helping those around him is engrained into his day-to-day.

There is no such thing as a lazy day for Maxwell, who is involved in his community. He sits on the boards of the local Better Business Bureau and SAY San Diego; he’s the CFO and chaplain at the American Legion Riders and the California Military Officers Association; he’s a deacon at his local church; and he belongs to a Masonic Lodge.

But the nonprofit Maxwell holds most dear is the Eagles Organization, where he is a founding member, current vice president and CFO. The Eagles Organization is a group of senior executives, government and industry leaders that mentors youth and young adults. They help these individuals who are looking for the guidance of more experienced adults to find jobs, strike out on their own, understand the ways of the world and, ultimately, find success.

This is why Maxwell has earmarked the $5,000 Insperity Community Heroes charitable donation for the Eagles Organization.

“We really do a lot, and we’re a young organization,” Maxwell said. “We’re trying to raise funds so we can give back and support (the community). We took the Eagles from a lunchtime meeting to now a nationwide organization.” As he looks back on his life and all he’s achieved so far, Maxwell is reminded that success is greatly dependent on your attitude, your effort and your drive. “I want to encourage people by saying you don’t have to let your beginning define your end,” he said. Focus on your goals and the rest will follow.

“I want to encourage people by saying you don’t have to let your beginning define your end.”

Allen F. Maxwell
President, CEO