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Chris Brennan has been with Insperity for over eight years and a human resources practitioner for over 15 years. Chris holds certifications from the Association of Training and Development, Extended DISC, Franklin Covey, Six Boxes Performance Thinking, Omega Performance and Development Dimensions International. Chris creates, designs and facilitates workshops and coaching on the topics of strategic leadership, culture alignment, strengths-based performance, talent development and leadership communication. In addition, Chris is a frequent contributor to the Insperity blog, and has been a frequent panel member at regional and national training conferences on the topics of employee engagement as well as learning and development.

Traits your future leaders must have

Picking future company leadership is more complicated than a search for the best performer. Certain personality traits may indicate essential leadership skills in the making. Learn which ones to look out for and how they evolve with the right experience and mentorship.

Leadership and management