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Aaron was first introduced to leadership while serving in the United States Marine Corps. He now has over twenty-two years of experience working with small businesses and large corporations in information technology within various industries including medical, oil & gas and HR services. Aaron joined Insperity in 2006 as a Business Applications Developer, and was later promoted into a leadership role in 2013 as a Manager of Business Applications Development. He was awarded the Employee of the Month in April 2016 for excellence in performance. In addition to serving the developers on his team, he’s also a Core Strengths: Results through Relationships Certified Facilitator for Insperity helping others to increase their relationship intelligence (RI), while also learning about their motivational value system (MVS), behavioral strengths and conflict triggers. In his spare time, Aaron can be found facilitating Quarterly Leadership Lunch & Learns and is serving as a member on the new Leader to Leader initiative at Insperity. Aaron’s passion is helping other leaders increase their leadership through personal growth and connecting it to their daily work.