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Insperity’s support helps Alius take better care of their people

From payroll problems to smooth sailing

Alius Health had a simple mission: to always take care of people. And when they partnered with Insperity to aid in payroll processing, they were able to care for their most important group of people – their employees.

The Challenge
  • Payroll issues
  • Tax reporting and compliance concerns
  • HR guidance and support
The Solution
  • Insperity® Workforce Acceleration™ solution
  • Insperity® Workforce Optimization® solution
The Result
  • Accurate, on-time payrolls
  • Reduced liability and minimized risks
  • True HR partnership, people aligned with company goals

Since Alius Health opened in 2016, their main focus has always been helping people get back to work. The company provides pharmacy benefit management within workers’ compensation that allows persons injured on the job better access to medications during the rehabilitation process. Through transparency in pricing, customization and technology, they discovered an innovative way to help hard working people. But while they were busy helping others, they were also having problems behind the scenes with their payroll efforts, negatively impacting their own employees.

Trying and Testing Other HR Companies

In an effort to reduce workloads, Alius had partnered with a well-known, national payroll services company. But it didn’t go as well as they had hoped.

“By expanding the onboarding process, it has been a much better experience for the new employees we bring on.”

Alius Health

They then turned to a local HR company. However, in both instances they encountered the same issues – problems with payroll and the lack of true HR guidance.

“It seemed like we couldn’t go a full month without a payroll issue,” said Robyn Satterfield, COO. “And the last thing we ever wanted to mess up were people’s paychecks.”

From ongoing inaccuracies in the payroll system to time off requests, the last straw was a delay in reporting that affected their taxes, which led to Alius receiving a letter from the federal government. Enough was enough. These continuous mistakes signaled that it was time for something different.

A Smooth, Error-free Transition

Right off the bat, Alius noticed a difference in Insperity.

As the implementation team took them through a smooth transition, the standardized quality built their confidence and trust. The level of care, along with gestures like visiting their office to meet the staff face-to-face, made Alius feel as though they’d made the right choice. The excellent service coupled with technology turned out to be exactly what they needed.

Though they had used a human capital management system called isolved before, they found that Insperity took this technology to the next level by providing support on how to navigate the platform and utilize its full capabilities. And they welcomed guidance on payroll, benefits and tax administration to help them stay compliant and avoid headaches of the past. Satterfield also shared, “By expanding the onboarding process, it has been a much better experience for the new employees we bring on.”

“Additionally, the ability to offer training available through isolved has given us an advantage and really helped us hire good people and retain them.”

Overall, the biggest difference was the peace of mind Insperity provided and knowing that their payroll will be error-free.

Advancing the Company and Its Offerings

Alius Health has been so pleased with Insperity’s Workforce AccelerationTM services that they will soon transition to full-service HR from Insperity, the Insperity Workforce Optimization® solution. Expanded services will give them the administration assistance they need, HR guidance around compliance, more HR technology and a full complement of HR specialists. But what Alius Health is excited about is giving their employees access to better benefits than they’ve ever had in the past. Also, something that’s totally new for them – an employee assistance program.

“These are the kinds of things that allow our company to compete in a hot market. We’ve got to be able to offer our employees a smooth onboarding, give them access to great benefit options, and provide training and programs that they just can’t find anywhere else. We’re so happy that we’re going to be able to do all of these things through the help of Insperity.”

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