Rest assured employee time collection data
is secure and accurate with TimeStar®

Improve your time tracking precision with our flexible time collection options that accommodate nearly every work environment. Whether you implement only one or all of these collection methods, you can send data to TimeStar instantly, giving you an automated and airtight time and attendance system.

Web punching

Collect time data from virtually any computer.

  • Go hardware-free. All your employees need to punch in is a Web browser and an Internet connection.
  • Cut costs. You don’t have to maintain a badge system or handle administration.
  • Reduce errors. Your workers’ time punches are sent directly into the TimeStar system.

Biometric time clocks

Shore up timekeeping accuracy and security with biometric time clocks.

  • End time theft. With advanced hand geometry and fingerprint identification, biometric time clocks are highly effective at preventing “buddy punching.”
  • Save money and admin time. Your employees’ time card is always “on hand” and can’t be lost, stolen, duplicated or forgotten.
  • Pick your device. Choose our go-to fingerprint biometric time clock or a hand-geometry device, along with the connectivity option that works best for your network.

Mobile and telephony

Keep up with remote workers’ hours through mobile and telephony time collection.

  • Ensure accuracy. Get by-the-moment time entries even when your employees are away.
  • Go mobile. Your employees can clock in using browser-enabled smartphones and tablets.
  • Dial in. With a touchtone phone, your staff can punch in and out using the keypad.

Badge-based time clocks

Capture error-free time data on-site with the swipe of a badge.

  • Design your badges. Choose from bar code, magnetic strip, security strip, photo ID and other badge design options.
  • Add access control. Use your existing access control badges and fobs together with our proximity cards and access control devices.
  • Wire in. Pick the most effective communications solution for your network, including Ethernet (TCP/IP), RS232, Modem, SML-Web services, real time and batch mode.
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