Have a scheduling system that adapts to change instinctively

TimeStar’s employee self-service features and supervisor alerts help you manage your workers’ schedules by exception instead of as a routine.

Activate autonomy with employee self-service

With TimeStar, your employees get a personal account where they can view:

  • Attendance
  • Timesheets
  • Schedules
  • PTO balances
  • Time-off calendar
  • Time-off and shift change requests

This access gives your staff the independence they need to help you keep a productive schedule.

For example, viewing the time-off calendar before submitting a PTO request shows your employees which days offer the best availability. And when they do send in time-off requests, TimeStar automatically displays their PTO balance and forwards requests directly to the appropriate supervisor.


See only what matters with supervisor alerts

1Get notified

As a supervisor, you get employees’ PTO and shift change requests by email and also get alerted within TimeStar. This view puts scheduling tasks that need your involvement front-and-center.

2Approve or deny

Viewing the time-off calendar helps you decide if you have enough coverage to accommodate each request. Then, it’s a one-click approval or denial.

3See the schedule update

From there, the employee gets notification of your decision. If approved, the time off or change is added to the schedule, and the employee’s PTO balance updates — all automatically.

With TimeStar, you see the big picture of who’s working where in real time, visibility that’s crucial to allocating staff where you need them most and controlling payroll expense.

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