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People Manager 8 is only supported as a desktop installation. Unlike prior versions of People Manager, version 8 utilizes a SQL Express database that requires a standard desktop installation. A license must be purchased for each user and computer where People Manager is installed.


People Manager 8 does no offer the ability to change your data location.


You must submit your payroll for processing before the time off hours will begin to accrue in the time off calendar. If your time off benefits are front loaded creating a payroll is optional. You can have multiple payroll types. Follow the steps below to setup a payroll.

  • Click the Customization tab
  • Select Accrual
  • Click the New Accrual button
  • Next enter your Accrual Number, Description & Accrual Frequency
  • Click OK


Yes, a payroll number is required if you accrue Time off Benefits. This enables People Manager to calculate accrual rates per pay period.



When a user is utilizing a screen resolution of 1024Ă—768 or lower the Cancel, Help and some content are hidden.


To resolve this issue you will need to increase your screen resolution to anything higher, such as 1280Ă—800.

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