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Introducing the Insperity Capital Growth Program

The Association for Corporate Growth has formed a strategic alliance with Insperity to help ACG members achieve a level of predictability in their human resources function so they can concentrate on business and portfolio growth.  The program provides several solutions for private equity firms, as well as emerging growth and middle market companies.

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April 11: ACG Houston Lunch, Houston Country Club

April 24-26th, INTERGROWTH


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Full-Service HR

Get access to stress-free payroll and human resources relief while your employees get access to better benefits. Find out how with our Workforce Optimization® full-service HR.

Workforce Optimization

  • Employee Benefits
  • Government Compliance
  • Payroll and HR Administration
  • Employee Training and Development
  • Affordable Health Insurance
  • Dedicated HR Support Team
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Insperity + ACG


Insperity offers a vital tool to help accelerate that growth in our members’ businesses by providing the perfect turnkey human resources solution. This allows these companies to focus on their industry expertise to innovate, grow jobs and, ultimately, the economy as a whole.

Gary A. LaBranche | President and CEO, ACG Global

Find predictability in a world of uncertainty

Insperity’s human capital platform helps forecast and control your labor costs.

The Insperity® Capital Growth Program offers efficiency and cost containment, so you can focus on portfolio growth.

You won’t lose control or be slowed down by this relationship. We know timing is everything. For speed of execution as you evaluate acquisition opportunities, we walk alongside you during the due diligence process to assess a company’s true labor costs and projected expenses.

Then, with our human capital infrastructure in place, we’ll take on the day-to-day HR administration of your labor pool – including benefits plan sponsorship and administration, payroll, workers’ compensation insurance and government compliance.



Speed of execution
We work with you to develop a comprehensive, cost-effective human capital strategy across your portfolio.

We help you forecast the human capital costs, rather than simply estimate them.

Benefits management
Our plan sponsorship and administration gives you control over a burgeoning expense and complicated health care regulations.

Compliance and liability
We have you covered across all 50 states with consultants who know the complexities of state government HR compliance.

Consulting services
Advisors can help ensure that your compensation, organization, culture and leadership practices align with your investment goals.

Integrate your human capital management into one platform – a process improvement that gives you the competitive edge.

Expanded prospects
This relationship may help uncover untapped sources with off-market introductions.


Human capital solutions built just for you

Insperity offers comprehensive packages of workforce solutions that can be customized for your specific needs. From administrative services to responsive actions to strategic projects, we can assess your portfolio’s human capital needs and find a strategy that works best for you.

  • Employment cost analysis
  • Benefits plan sponsorship and administration
  • Employer liability management
  • Employment administration
  • HR-related government compliance
  • Performance management support
  • Online training and development
  • Recruiting and outplacement support
  • Culture and leadership development

Discover a competitive advantage

Get an HR infrastructure that allows corporate leadership teams of emerging growth and middle market organizations to leverage their human capital, not merely manage it.

Insperity® workforce solutions give you the stability and administrative relief you need to move ahead.



Accounting Firms
Accounting Firms
Streamline your internal HR processes so you can focus on client service and business growth.
Legal Practices
Legal Practices
Attract and retain your top talent through competitive benefits offerings and strategic human capital planning.
Technology Services
Technology Services
Empower your workforce with the HR support they need to stay focused on innovation and customer service.
Professional Services
Professional Services
Align your employees with your firm’s business goals with proven HR strategies and processes.
Business Consulting
Business Consulting
Serve your existing clients more effectively by outsourcing your core HR functions to a proven industry leader.
Financial Consulting
Financial Consulting
Leverage your greatest profitability asset by investing in the productivity of your people.



Proven risk-management strategies
Having a long-term plan in place to control employer costs is paramount to your success. You can trust your dedicated Insperity team to understand the nuances of your unique business and mitigate many of the ongoing HR compliance issues that growing companies commonly face.

Stable, predictable health care costs
Your employees contribute to your bottom line, and taking care of their health and well-being is a must. Insperity's expert plan management makes it easy to provide an expansive network of health coverage options for your staff despite market trends.

Professional recruiting and retention support
By aligning the right people with your corporate goals, your business will be poised to gain a substantial competitive edge. Our HR professionals will help you identify potential problems within your company and realize opportunities for increased productivity.

Access to better benefits
Providing competitive employee benefits packages is the key to attracting top talent. Insperity will help you obtain scalable, affordable pricing for health insurance, flexible spending accounts, retirement plans and other essential offerings.



Whether you’re looking to align employee performance with company goals or automate your processes with the right HR systems and tools, Insperity can design a plan that best suits the specific needs of your business. With Insperity Workforce Solutions, you can infuse your business with the human capital practices you need to get ahead.

Our comprehensive human capital solutions are offered in both a co-employment and a traditional employment model, and are designed to provide your business the right mix of products and services necessary to support your business growth trajectory.

Quick Insperity Facts

30+ yearsof specializing in HR management solutions
$2.6 billion

HR services for businessesclients/employeesInsperity serves more than 100,000 businessess with more than 2 million employees.
We serve businesses with employees from
10 to 5000

Insperity HR for employees

service team avg12+ yearsof experience in their fields
NPS listed NYSEpublicly tradedInsperity is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol NSP.