How to Determine if Your New Employee Will Stay or Bail

Key Takeaways

  • The onboarding process can last up to a year and should be individualized to take into account your new hire’s work style and learning rate, as well as your company’s expectations.
  • A written onboarding plan is especially helpful and should contain timeline, goals, responsibilities and support to help your new employees by spelling out what they should do and the assistance they can expect.
  • Monitoring a new employee’s onboarding is critical and should include company stakeholders, such as HR professionals and other employees involved in training and support roles, to help new employees manage and meet expectations.
  • The goal of onboarding is to help employees transition smoothly into your company, where they’ll remain happy, productive employees for many years to come.

The faster your new employees feel they have become a part of your company, the sooner they’re able to contribute to your company’s success. This e-book shows you why the first year is critical and leads you through the steps to ensure that your new employee becomes a valuable member of your team.

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