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Community Starts from Within: Insperity Corporate Social Responsibility

At Insperity, we are fully committed to supporting our communities, providing a healthy and safe workplace for our employees, and helping the environment in any way we can. Through supporting programs, corporate philanthropy and dedicated volunteers, our corporate social responsibility initiatives make a big impact. The following snapshot illustrates a number of ways Insperity made a difference in 2017.


  • Insperity employees have up to 12 hours per quarter of paid volunteer time during working hours. In 2017, employees logged 62,223 hours of volunteer time — that's more than $2 million in philanthropic action.
  • 76 percent of Insperity employees participate in the company volunteer program.
  • Employees donated about $196,815 to the Insperity Fund, a program for employees in crisis.
  • Company philanthropic efforts grossed more than $6.2 million.


  • Health risk assessments are available for each employee to receive immediate feedback on the current state of their health.
  • Insperity completed 3,747 workplace ergonomics evaluations

Military and Veterans

  • 7 OSHA Outreach Courses were conducted around the country.
  • Conducted 89 safety technology training classes for 895 managers and supervisors nationally.

Animal Welfare Organizations

  • Energy management system maximizes the efficiency of heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Ongoing lighting retrofit program helps reduce energy consumption. 
  • An irrigation system with motion sensors maximizes water conservation.
  • Insperity uses organic fertilizers and paints low in volatile organic compounds in all facilities.
  • In 2017, Insperity recycled 1,664 cubic yards of mixed recyclable materials.

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