Recruiting, Training Help Improve Quality of Personnel

The Company

Digital signage is becoming a communications staple in vertical markets, and the technology is used to communicate messages to a variety of target audiences. Visix of Atlanta is a software developer helping clients of 100 and more employees use the technology to augment their e-mail, Internet and intranet communications.

The Challenge

“We’re a software developer, so our challenge is utilizing distribution channels that don’t understand the integration process and properly positioning ourselves amid more mainstream media,” says Sean Matthews, Visix president. “Once the technology is in place, however, digital content can be replaced on the fly. It’s the next killer application,” he continues. This 25-year old company with a legacy in the audio-visual arena shifted its focus six years ago to dedicate its resources to Web-based services, “which is the real differentiator,” Matthews says, but that doesn’t leave a lot of time for dealing with human resources issues. “It’s difficult for an office manager who has no knowledge of liabilities and labor laws to manage dynamic HR initiatives.”

The Solution

“Insperity called on us,” Matthews says, “and no other provider offered the range of services Insperity does.” Even so, the company utilized Insperity for health benefits and payroll only for nearly five years. That changed a year and a half ago, when Matthews made it his objective to utilize every service offered.

The Value

“Right now, recruiting is the most important tool we have from Insperity. We utilize recruiting help on a daily basis. We’re able to fill voids and expand our company in a timely manner that we couldn’t accomplish if I had to dedicate my time to it nothing else would get done.” Visix now uses Insperity training as a tool “to inspire our employees to improve their self worth as well as their worth to the company, and the Web-based tools and offers to our employees enhances the benefits we receive,” Matthews states.

The Return on Investment

“In a twelve-month period, we replaced 50 percent of our staff. That can be so disruptive to a small company, but we did a lot of this intentionally with Insperity’s help and improved the quality of our personnel. We now have a handbook that Insperity helped us write in 60 days that would have taken me a year! Our employees haven’t had a performance review in five years. Now we can set goals and objectives. Put me up against any company our size with the same resources, and on any given day I can out-recruit and out-train that company, because I have Insperity.

“Our employees used to see Insperity as someone who provided health insurance benefits and issued their payroll checks. Now they see that the company has become a strategic piece of our organization, and we have developed relationships with individuals at Insperity,” Matthews continues. “There is enormous value in the services being delivered. There’s no need to even take calls from competitors. Anyone can provide the same services, but no other company can provide the turnkey solutions that Insperity does.”

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