Insperity Support Exceeds Expectations

The Company

When the Board of Directors of the National Board of Examiners in Optometry, Inc. made the cost containment decision to move the company from Bethesda, MD to Charlotte, NC, only one employee was able to make the move. There was no down time, and no excuse to miss deadlines was built into the transition. Licensing tests are developed about a year prior to administration. Nearly 500 examiners, most of whom are optometrists, assist in the complex testing system managed by the newly-appointed Executive Director Dr. Jack Terry and his staff.

The Challenge

The Board signed on with Insperity three months before the move. Ensuring no reduction in the quality of the testing system was critical. “We have so much proprietary knowledge that being able to pull this move off like we have was nothing short of a miracle,” Dr. Terry says. The largest challenge was having enough knowledge base at the time of the move to facilitate a seamless transition.

The Solution

“Insperity has been excellent in helping us recruit a high-quality staff,” Dr. Terry says. Dr. Leon Gross, associate executive director and director of psychometrics and research, adds that a staff member recently “praised Jack and me for the people we hired and the chemistry we’ve created, and that goes back to the choices we had, which goes back to Insperity. When you start over, you’re not hiring so much as you’re creating a team, and we’ve been very fortunate to get the right blend of chemistry and compatibility.”

The Value

The Board found that Insperity not only offered quality employee benefits, but “we’re receiving a lot of additional business performance support, and Insperity is actually costing us less money,” Dr. Terry states. Dr. Gross adds, “We had a staff person in Maryland who had HR certification, but was needed in that capacity only about one-third of the time. The laws, the regulations and the expectations seem to change so rapidly that if you’re not doing HR full time, it’s hard to keep up. That’s not the ideal way for a company our size (10 employees) to operate.”

The Return on Investment

“There’s no doubt that the extra support from Insperity has been highly beneficial,” Dr. Terry continues. “The time savings, the resource savings, the energy savings; if we hadn’t had the additional backbone from Insperity, our challenges would have been that much greater, and we might not have been as successful in getting the blend of people that we have.” “Our initial requirement of Insperity was that it be cost effective, and the cost of our employees’ health care benefits was a significant savings, but we’ve received such a large number of additional services and benefits,” adds Dr. Gross. “Every time I’ve called Insperity, they’ve been supportive and have bent over backwards to expeditiously help us. We’ve been in the hiring and training modes for months, and I know there is a gamut of services provided that we haven’t tapped–but we will over time,” Dr. Terry responds.

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