Best-practice HR from Insperity helps Cirrus Grow From the Ground Up

The Company

Cirrus Asset Management specializes in revitalizing properties, primarily apartment and hospitality buildings. Cirrus was formed in 2007 after Steve Heimler, CEO and president, sold a much larger real estate company that he says functioned as “managed chaos.”

The Challenge

Based on his experience with this previous company, Heimler knew administrative functions took up a lot of his time and distracted him from focusing on the core business. He wanted to do things differently with Cirrus Asset Management.

Upon Cirrus’ launch, Heimler wanted to outsource the company’s HR functions so he could streamline operations and focus on the company’s growth. After one meeting, Heimler knew that Insperity offered the right products to help him grow Cirrus.

The Solution

Insperity™ and Cirrus worked hand-in-hand to develop the organization from the ground up. Insperity helped Heimler create the company’s mission, vision and core values, develop his corporate culture and provided best practices for his corporate development. “Insperity brought best practices to my little entrepreneurial shop and has become a strategic partner for us,” says Heimler.

Insperity provided Cirrus with administrative relief, benefits, payroll and more. Not having to spend leadership time on HR has allowed Heimler to focus on Cirrus’ core strengths and grow from 20 employees to 200. The company continues to grow with Insperity’s help.

“The climate survey from Insperity allows us to measure whether our employees understand the direction of the organization,” Heimler says. “Having those tools has helped us run  more efficiently and grow like we have.”

Cirrus has offices in several states, which means it has to deal with several complicated benefits and HR laws and regulations.

“I haven’t read the 1,400 page Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, but I’m confident that Insperity has,” Heimler says. “It’s of great value to us to know that Insperity does everything right.”

The Value

Cirrus has grown to the point where Heimler says it would make better financial sense to move services in-house, but he plans on continuing his relationship with Insperity because he considers Insperity a critical part of his leadership team.

“Our leadership team can spend time making money as opposed to playing defense,” Heimler says.

Most companies in Cirrus’ industry average a 10-15 percent profit ratio, but Cirrus is at the high end of the spectrum, which Heimler attributes to Insperity. He also points out that, nationally, industry turnover nears 60-70 percent, yet Cirrus experiences fractional turnover.

“We’re a much more efficient shop today, and I attribute a great deal of that to the strength and backbone of Insperity,” Heimler says. “The value-add is much deeper and greater than you expect. Insperity is a true strategic partner.”

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