HR Responsibilities: Outsourcing Saves Time

HR responsibilities take up more time than you think. And speaking of time, how would you answer these questions:

1. What price tag would you put on an hour of your time?


2. What would you give to add hours to your days?


3. How much time could you save if you outsourced your company’s HR responsibilities?


4. How would you spend the time saved from outsourcing your HR responsibilities?


5. Every moment spent on any task not directly related to your core business is a moment of wasted time and lost productivity and profitability.


Sometimes it just makes good business sense to outsource your company’s HR responsibilities to a reputable Professional Employer Organization (PEO).

“One of the benefits of a comprehensive suite of business employment services is that they can allow you to focus on the business of growing your business,” says Milan P. Yager, president and CEO of the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO).

Most business owners, he says, are short-sighted and think of revenue in terms of dollars they can “touch.” Often they fail to consider the costly and potential risks associated with the myriad of employer-related responsibilities and liabilities.

“Small businesses are famous for trying to ‘save paperclips’ – spending enormous amounts of time to save small amounts of money,” Yager says.

Your initial reaction may be to outsource only a portion of your HR responsibilities in an attempt to be frugal. “Business owners may think there are things he or she can do cheaper on their own, especially in difficult economic times. But it’s during those times when business owners need to focus more intently on business-related strategies and opportunities,” counsels Yager.

HR mistakes can be costly; the peace of mind found in the knowledge that your PEO has provided a dedicated team of highly experienced business and HR professionals who are available to help handle your company’s HR responsibilities and save you time is, well, priceless.

How to Tell if You Need a PEO
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