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Mary Kay Engelhardt began her career in 1999 with Insperity as a temporary recruiter. She has extensive experience in business operations and in all aspects of recruiting, including talent development and sales. Throughout Mary Kay’s 20-plus-year career with Insperity, she has been responsible for both corporate and client recruiting, as well as Insperity’s employment screening division. Mary Kay graduated from Southern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Additionally, Mary Kay has been an instrumental part of building Insperity’s first Internship program and enjoys helping the next generation with interviewing skills for their job search.

The future of recruiting: 8 ways to win the talent war

Many businesses, regardless of size, type or industry, have found themselves in the trenches of today’s talent war, and the future of recruiting seems complicated and murky. Today, attracting and retaining top talent is one of the most pronounced challenges that leaders face. Why is there a talent war? Compounding the uncertainty of the current...