Invest in your employees by investing in their future

Insperity Retirement Services provides an affordable, comprehensive
401(k) plan program with the flexibility to fit businesses of all sizes. You can save on retirement plan costs and still provide employees with a first-class retirement package.

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With Insperity Retirement Services, you can:

Attract and retain top talent

Qualified candidates expect to receive certain employer-sponsored benefits, including a competitive retirement plan. With Insperity, you can offer your employees a best-in-class 401(k) plan with low participant fees.

Your employees will enjoy convenient features, including online access to their account for easy enrollment, contribution elections and investment changes.

Build a plan that fits

Retirement plans aren’t one size fits all. With Insperity, you can select from a variety of plan designs, allowing you to create a plan that’s good for your employees and your business.

Choose up to 20 investment options from a broad range of more than 140 mutual funds and optional self-directed brokerage accounts.


Receive superior support from industry experts

Navigating the ever-changing laws that govern retirement plans can get confusing. We’re here to help. With an average of more than 14 years in the 401(k) industry, our retirement plan professionals are committed to providing superior customer support so your plan stays compliant.


We help make retirement a reality for your employees

Insperity Retirement Services delivers comprehensive 401(k) plan recordkeeping, administration and support to thousands of businesses with five to 500+ employees. With nearly $2 billion in plan assets, Insperity Retirement Services is among the largest 401(k) providers in the nation. 

Offer a premier retirement plan with exceptional customer service.

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