Benefits and compensation

Clever Ducks

Insperity has enabled us to create a benefits package that cares deeply for our people.

Peter Kardel – Co-Founder & CEO, Clever Ducks

Business performance

ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospital

There is no way in the world that I will start another hospital without Insperity.

Leah Basinais – Director of Operations ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospital

Strategy and planning

DGital Media

I never considered starting a business without Insperity. They were a founding partner, whether they knew it or not.

Spencer Brown – CEO & Founder DGital Media

Leadership and management

Complete Pharmacy Care

They’re a values driven company just like us.

Leonard Lynskey – CEO, Complete Pharmacy Care

Benefits and compensation

Electro Acoustics & Video, Inc.

Everything that Insperity offers our employees is the same thing that a large national company offers its employees.

Chris Jordan – President & Chief Steward, Electro Acoustics & Video, Inc.


Apollo Theater

We look to Insperity Recruiting Services to
find the outstanding talent behind the scenes.

Joe Levy – General Manager, Apollo Theater

The Golden Key Group

Our experience with Insperity has been fantastic.

Bruce Tarpinian – CEO, The Golden Key Group

The Mortgage House

I don’t think of Insperity as an outside company; I think of them as part of our business.

Ira Cohen – Founder and Chairman, The Mortgage House

Training and performance

United Through Reading

Every dollar we spend with Insperity is worth it.

Sally Ann Zoll – CEO, United Through Reading

Health care reform


Insperity is a robust solution. They give us the ability to compete with larger corporations.

Dan Calista – Founder and CEO, Vynamic