Payroll Software

Smart payroll software plus step-by-step support

Insperity® Payroll Services combines easy-to-use, online software and a dedicated consultant so your payroll process is stress-free from start to finish.


Seamless payroll processing

Pay employees, file taxes and get help complying with payroll regulations from one Web-based system.


Ongoing support

Got a question? You can always talk directly to your dedicated payroll consultant anytime — not a call center.


Built-in industry expertise

We have more than 28 years of payroll experience. Our software is built on our proven practices and industry expertise.


Accuracy assurance from consultants

Our payroll team helps you monitor your payroll to make sure everything is correct and complete before it's processed.


We help you get started right

We help you set up your system so it's as efficient as possible. Just to be sure, your payroll consultant helps process the initial payrolls.


Request a customized demo and pricing

Take a peek at Insperity's payroll software


Employee self-service portal

The employee self-service portal allows employees to review their past paystubs, company handbooks, benefits information as well as submit time-off requests, any time, without interrupting their manager.

Employee master screen

The employee master screen allows you to track, record and update employee information, all in one place. Each employee has a master file where you can store contact and job information, as well as track key demographics and performance evaluations.


HR support center

The HR support center provides HR articles, forms, sample job descriptions, employment law information and more. In addition, with On-Demand Pro Support, you can speak directly to seasoned HR professionals when you need one-on-one guidance.

Payroll wizard

The payroll wizard takes you step-by-step through your payroll entry process. When you're done, the system calculates real-time, gross to-net pay for your employees. This way you don't have to send a batch file to your provider.


Pay run register processing report

The pay run register processing report allows you to review the payroll (by employee, labor group, location) to ensure accuracy. And making a correction is simple – just adjust the payroll entry and the software will recalculate gross-to-net pay. It's that fast and easy.


Anytime access

Enter, audit and process payroll from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Automatic calculations

Work hours, overtime, paid time off and taxes are calculated for you.

Stress-free tax filing

We’ll file your federal, state and local taxes so you can rest assured it’s done properly and on time.


Always-on compliance

We monitor state and federal agencies and deploy updates as soon as payroll laws change.

Employee self-service

Employees can view and print earnings and tax data on their own.

Flat-rate pricing

There are no unexpected fees – what you’re quoted is what you pay.


Unlimited state fillings

You can file payroll information in as many states as needed without incurring additional costs.

Multiple services in one system

Insperity’s retirement services plans, workers compensation and time and attendance solutions integrate seamlessly.

Superior payroll software. Unmatched payroll support.

Insperity payroll software is chock-full of powerful features that make processing payroll straightforward and hassle-free. But don't just take our word for it. See how our software and service stacks up to the competition.

Web-based payroll solution
Tax-filing services and compliance review
Employee self-service portal
Accounting and general ledger integration
Direct deposit and paycard options
Dedicated payroll consultant
Unlimited gross-to-net revisions before final posting
Transparent, all-inclusive pricing model

Pay employees easily with Insperity Payroll

With Insperity Payroll Services, you receive premium payroll software and personalized support – unlike anything else in the industry.


Where your payroll and retirement plan work together automatically

Offering a retirement plan doesn't have to complicate your payroll process. Insperity Payroll Software integrates with the Insperity NetSaver and Choice 401(k) plans, seamlessly, so that deductions and adjustments are automatic and effortless.

Our 401(k) plans offer you and your employees valuable, easy-to-manage retirement savings options that are built exclusively to fit the needs (and budgets) of small business customers.

Which Payroll Provider is Best for You

Not sure if you’re using the most cost-efficient, time-saving method to get out your payroll? Whether you’ve got one employee or thousands, you’ve got a variety of helpful options that are spelled out in Payroll Providers: Which Type Is Best For You?