Human Capital Management

Get the most from your most valuable assets – your people

If you're like many businesses, your employees are your biggest investments. With our Insperity Human Capital Management™ solution, you get tools and technology that help you manage all aspects of the HR experience – saving you time and money while improving employee development.


With Insperity HCM and Sage HRMS, you get:

  • Consolidated systems – Whether you choose our Web-based, Software-as-a-Service HCM platform or our on-premise Sage HRMS software, you'll have one consolidated system for multiple HR processes.
  • Centralized data – Storing multiple forms and employee data in one place avoids the cost and frustration of duplication and multisystem searches.
  • Money-saving automation – Automating payroll processing and tax compliance alone saves time and avoids costly errors.
  • Trustworthy support – With nearly 30 years of HR experience, we help you stay on top of ever-changing tax compliance issues, government reporting rules and more.

Insperity HCM - Web-based Solution

Insperity HCM is a Web-based, enterprise-class solution tailor-made for companies ready to empower their entire organization through technology. With HCM, your company can manage employee information, benefits and payroll within a single database system.

Insperity HCM becomes your employee's portal into your company by letting them enter their own key data, which gives your HR staff more time for workforce strategy and employee development. You can even add talent management options for performance, recruiting, compensation planning and learning, giving you the tools to effectively and efficiently manage your employees, hire-to-retire.

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Sage HRMS - On-Premise Solution

Sage HRMS is our licensed, on-premise software developed for comprehensive HR administration. Like HCM, it allows you to centralize many HR processes, such as timekeeping, benefits and payroll processing, in one simple, user-friendly system.

Customizable to suit your company's processes and organization, Sage HRMS lets your HR department easily integrate, import and track a wealth of data with built-in tools that help you manage key employee information, stay in compliance with regulations, reduce waste, and save both time and money.

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