Financial intelligence at your fingertips

Get easy access to an accurate and real-time view of your company’s financial health. Gain insight into all of the financial information trapped inside your QuickBooks® file. Make sound business decisions based on the total picture of your cash at hand, receivables, payables, working capital, expenses and many other data points.

How are you doing? You'll find out  – quickly

  • Online dashboard with easy-to-use interface
  • 12 financial snapshots with drillable details
  • Seamlessly syncs with current QuickBooks® files
  • One secure, central and organized location
  • Real-time information for accurate forecasting

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All your financials in one easy-to-read place

Dashboard overview – Scan your company’s fiscal health with 12 critical data categories such as gross revenue, gross profit and net income from the past 12 months.

Charts  – Get easy-to-understand charts detailing your financial, labor and sales data.

Reports – View key reports down to the transaction level without opening QuickBooks®.

Cash flow forecasting tool – Move payables out, accelerate collection of invoices and improve your cash position with easy drag-and-drop function.

*Tech Requirements
Insperity Reveal™ works with Intuit QuickBooks desktop versions 2010 and higher; Pro, Premier, and Enterprise.
It is not compatible with QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Mac.
In order to sync with your QuickBooks file, an app needs to be installed in the same folder as your QuickBooks data file.The initial setup of Insperity Reveal requires QuickBooks Admin Credentials and access to the C Drive of the desktop or server where QuickBooks is installed.

Insperity Reveal™ works with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.