Save time and organize your expenses with
easy-to-use expense management software

Create and manage your expense reports while reducing manual errors with  Insperity ExpensAble® reporting software. Ideal for business travelers and consultants, we provide a quick and intuitive way to handle the expense reporting process.

Insperity ExpensAble lets you:

  • Snap photos of receipts while you're on the road with our new mobile app
  • Use on Windows or Mac
  • Speed through entries with helpful prompts from hotel and trip genies
  • Analyze company expenses with more than 15 customizable reports
  • Sync the software with your online banking account or credit card account

Other popular features include:

  • User-friendly interface – You’ll find it easy to enter and track expenses.
  • Intuitive folder structure – Find and organize the reports you’re looking
    for quickly and easily.
  • Automatic program updates – If there’s a maintenance update or new version available, we’ll let you know so you have the very latest technology.
  • Automatic data backup – Don’t always remember to save data? Insperity ExpensAble will remind you.
  • Autofill feature – You’ll spend less time keying in entries when Insperity ExpensAble remembers and reuses information from previous expense entries.
  • User-defined and managed smart lists – Build your own smart lists of favorite and often-used hotels, restaurants and other vendors.
  • Drag-and-drop receipts and transactions – Save even more time by pulling in receipts, credit card transactions and other attachments from your smartphone
    or your desk.
  • Trip saver – Travel to the same place all the time? You can copy an entire trip or transaction, change minor details (such as dates), and you’re done.
  • Personal credit card import – Quick-pick transactions from your personal credit cards as well as your business cards when you set up this simple and secure connection.
  • Online currency converter – Choose the currency and the date, and ExpensAble will automatically figure out the exchange rate for that day.
  • QuickBooks or Microsoft Excel export – Reduce processing errors and save time by directly exporting your expense information into QuickBooks (Windows version only) or Microsoft Excel.
  • American Express Direct Connect – Automatically adds charges to your report from your credit card statement.

Purchase today – risk-free:

30-day money-back guarantee – If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied,
you may contact us at within 30 days of your purchase to
request a refund.

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